After the Castro dictatorship imprisoned their sons, these Cuban women were turned into activists

By design, the majority of Cubans are too distracted trying to find enough food and merely survive another day to become activists for freedom. But that ends once the communist dictatorship targets your family.

Via AFP:

Sons’ jailing turns Cuban mothers into activists

Two years ago, Marta Perdomo and Liset Fonseca were two unassuming Cuban women with little interest in politics and no social media footprint.

That changed overnight when their sons were arrested in a mass roundup that followed the biggest anti-government protests in the history of the communist island. Today, they are fervent activists.

“Liberty for Jorge and Nadir. Enough. They are innocent,” screams a poster that adorns the home of Perdomo in San Jose de las Lajas, a city of some 80,000 people southeast of Havana.

Her life became filled with “pain and anguish” on July 16, 2021, the 60-year-old seamstress told AFP, when police came to take both her two sons: 40-year-old IT professor Jorge, and Nadir, an English teacher aged 39.

Then, “when we started making complaints, the state security started calling us and the threats began,” she said.

Since the arrests, Perdomo says she needs tablets to sleep.

Also on July 16, police took Roberto Perez, the 40-year-old son of Fonseca, a fellow resident of San Jose de las Lajas.

“Knowing that he innocent but in prison is an enormous sadness,” the 62-year-old homemaker told AFP in tears.

The three men were among thousands of Cubans who spilled onto the streets of dozens of cities and towns on July 11 and 12, 2021 in a spontaneous outburst of frustration.

Demonstrators chanted “Freedom!” and “We are hungry!” amid economic strife, medical and food shortages which have gotten no better in the two years since then.

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