Another side of Cuban American soprano Lisette Oropesa

I recently posted about the wonderful young Cuban-American singer Lisette Oropesa, an internationally acclaimed opera star. There aren’t as many online videos of her singing as one would like, but I found one that I want to share with Babalú readers. It’s something off the beaten path, not opera but written for operatic voices, in this case Handel’s 1750 oratorio Theodora (sung in English, as it was written for London, but you may wish to follow the subtitles).

What struck me, besides the beautiful singing, is how the voice functions as a musical instrument. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Another side of Cuban American soprano Lisette Oropesa”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love her! What a voice! I feel terrible, I had the opportunity to see her in NYC and I didn’t. Next time she comes over, I will see her.

    • There are stars who are not all that, certainly in pop music, but Oropesa has the goods, which is very satisfying. The fact she’s of Cuban extraction is icing on the cake. We should be very proud of her success, not just in career terms but in musical terms.

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