Cuba’s top ‘sexologist’ justifies regime’s UMAP concentration camps that imprisoned homosexuals

La Princesa de los Mocos at her most recent interview

From our Booger Princess Bureau with some help from our Bureau of Fake Sexologists Who Pretend to be Historians

Princess Mariela Castro is rewriting the history of Castro, Inc.’s UMAP concentration camps, justifying their creation and spewing mind-bending lies about their true nature and purpose.

The Castro dynasty loves bold lies. The bolder the lie, the better. It’s a tactic that has paid off for them time and time again, so why give up? It doesn’t matter to the Booger Princess that her lies defy logic and contradict hundreds of thousands of testimonies from the individuals who were rounded up into these camps, including huge numbers of gay men who were subjected to horrific abuse. Her father Raul and her uncle Fidel taught her well in the art of lying boldly.

Inspect her babbling. See for yourself if anything she says makes sense. Basically, she twists history in various ways, some of which contradict each other. In addition to saying that the concentration camps were NOT concentration camps,, she also argues that the persecution of LGBT Cubans was justifiable for various reasons, among which she cites “scientific” reasons, “military” reasons, and the lingering effects of “patriarchal capitalist society.”

While she was spinning this history, she also echoed U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders by affirming that the Cuban people love food rationing, and that they really and truly appreciate how “marvelous” it is to distribute resources fairly and evenly. Yeah, sure. Socialist social justice.

Abridged and loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

A few hours ago, Mariela Castro, daughter of Raúl Castro, director of the state National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX), offered an interview to the Mexican trans legislator María Clemente García Moreno, where, among other things and with enormous cynicism, she justified the creation of the Military Production Support Units (UMAP).

According to Mariela, the UMAPs were not “any concentration camp” and Fidel Castro made the decision to create them based on the scientific evidence of the time.

“Our decision-makers, our leaders, went to science looking for arguments, the stigma, the pathologization, that these people can be bad influences for the new generations, for children and young people, which was what prevailed in society,” explained the also deputy to the National Assembly of People’s Power.

According to her version of her story, the relatives of the homosexuals agreed with the revolutionary standards that protected society. “What were they doing, well, if these people are bad influences and the families said so too, then they can’t be teachers.”

Insisting on the issue, Fidel Castro’s niece argued that “in the first three decades, the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, there was a very strong homophobic heritage,” which was inherited from “that patriarchal capitalist society.”

She also disguised the UMAP as a Compulsory Military Service where the soldiers who made mistakes in the exercise of their profession went.

“A country at war has Compulsory Military Service, all the young people had to go, but many said they were homosexuals so as not to go to military service, and then, it was a time of terrorist attacks from the US…”, Castro Espín justified.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

4 thoughts on “Cuba’s top ‘sexologist’ justifies regime’s UMAP concentration camps that imprisoned homosexuals”

  1. Very minor point, but she looks like she’s headed the way of Aleida Guevara. Maybe she should get fashion tips from one of the drag queens in her stable, who could at least help her look less, uh, matronly.

    As for her, uh, version of UMAP history, which happens to be intimately and inextricably tied to her family, she’s simply doing her part to “validate” and protect the family business–to which she owes everything.

    As I’ve said before, it shouldn’t make any difference what someone like Mariela Castro says, but it does, and that is NOT her fault. Yes, she lies routinely, but that’s just her job. The problem is those who buy her BS.

  2. And by the way, her, er, inconsistency and dogged determination to pervert the truth to suit her needs is simply what all evil MUST do to have its way. It is NOT optional–it is NECESSARY for its success.

  3. Asombra,

    You hit the nail on the head. She’s simply protecting the family business, her inheritance. Why should she give up absolute power, untold wealthy and an army of international enablers ranging from the American Mainstream Media to Hollywood, to the European Union to the Vatican.? She has no principals, morals or ethics, something she inherited through her DNA, so its easy to act as she does.

    • If she were the daughter of a right-wing dictator and an apologist for his regime, she’d be universally shunned and dismissed as bogus, but we all know how the game is played. Again, it’s not her fault that the world is so hypocritical and full of it, even if she obviously takes advantage of that. Only a fool would expect her to be better than she is, given her DNA, upbringing and vested interests. The problem is people who should be expected to be MUCH better than they are regarding Cuba, and in a sense, they’re more culpable than she is. Of course she’s noxious, but the point is that she’s bound to be.

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