Life in Cuba: No access to medicine or healthcare, no water, and no electricity during record-breaking heatwave

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Dissatisfaction Among the Proletariat in Latrine American Socialist Utopias

Life is hell for most Cubans. Four news stories posted online today give us a glimpse of exactly how hellish that life is.

The first of these stories concerns the lack of medications and — surprise, surprise — the lack of access to medical care. Despite all of its boasting about being a “medical powerhouse”, the real truth is that Castro, Inc.’s healthcare system is abysmally dysfunctional.

A recent survey has revealed that 80.3% of Cubans surveyed said access to medications was “extremely difficult” or “impossible,” and 57.6% said the same about access to medical care. A whopping 91.2% admitted suffering from acute anxiety and 86.7% admitted feeling depressed.

As if to prove the accuracy of this survey, a related story reports the death of an infant due to medical negligence in Camaguey.

The third story relates how the same survey indicates that 82.5% of Cubans residing on the island are concerned about the lack of food in the country. This insufficiency has even caused 70.8% of the households those surveyed to choose between eating much less at each meal or skipping meals altogether.

The fourth story details how Cubans are dealing with a severe heatwave without running water and electricity, with absolutely no hope of relief. Temperatures in the high 90’s F have shattered records throughout the island.

And all of these woes are only part of a much longer list of hellish problems: political repression, uncontrollable epidemics, fuel shortages, lack of public transportation, rampant inflation, and crumbling homes, but to name a few.

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Hey, stop it! Unfair! Socialism is wonderful. These problems are caused by “the blockade”

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