Number of confirmed ‘femicides’ in Cuba climbs to 52, plus 4 more unconfirmed

Latest victim, Rosmery Ponce Peña

From our Bureau of Socialist Crime Control with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

At the current rate –roughly two women murdered per week– Cuba is definitely on the way to hitting the 100 mark by the end of this year.

Most of these “feminicidios” are committed by husbands, partners, or ex-partners of the victims. Many of the murderers are the fathers of these women’s children.

In addition, four other cases of apparent femicide are being investigated. An appalling situation, which seems to be spiraling out of control, along with other violent crimes. Talk about socialist diversity, inclusion, and equity: women and trans women are definitely being included in Cuba’s crime wave, adding diversity to the profile of the victims, as well as equity among all sexes and gender identities.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Rosmery Ponce Peña, 23, was shot to death on the night of July 10 by her ex-partner, in Güines, Mayabeque, leaving behind a two and a half-year-old boy, who has been left in the care of his maternal grandmother. “My daughter was shot to death last night and the Güines Police have not yet responded,” Yaseli Peña, the victim’s mother, denounced it on her Facebook profile.

“They killed her with a shot to the head and she left a child, my two and a half year old grandson, without a mother,” she added. Peña pointed to her daughter’s ex-partner as the murderer, she also warned that “the wretch” is still free and asked that justice be done.

Sources close to the family who have preferred to remain anonymous assured DIARIO DE CUBA that “Rosmery’s murderer threatened to go looking for the child at any cost” and that the family “is very scared” because the man “is still on the street and he’s armed.”

Both the Gender Observatory of the magazine Alas Tensas (OGAT) and the platform Yo Sí Te Creo in Cuba have confirmed the murder of Ponce Peña and they report it this Thursday along with another case. This is Adela Verdecia, 30, also murdered by her ex-partner, in Jovellanos, Matanzas, on June 26. Both organizations reported that with the “verified femicides” of these two women there have been 52 cases so far this year.

“We draw attention to the previous complaints made by Rosmery and neglected by the Güines police, in addition to the use of a homemade firearm in this irreparable crime,” Alas Tensas said in its statement.

Previously, with the verified femicides of Deyanira Fontanill Pérez and Rafaela Yusmila Ramírez Chacón, the record had reached the figure of 50 cases plus two femicide attempts and four cases for which access to the police investigation is needed.

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