Dengue epidemic intensifies in Cuba

From our Bureau of Latrine American Medical Powerhouses with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Plague Control

Neither the Ministry of Truth nor the Ministry of Health have admitted the existence of a dengue epidemic, but independent journalists in Cuba are sounding the alarm.

This latest mosquito-borne plague to hit Cuba Lack has been caused by lack of fumigation, and the seriousness of this illness has been made worse by the lack of medications. It’s a potentially lethal one-two punch.

Apparently, children have been hardest hit, especially in Camagüey. Good luck finding any articles on this disaster outside of the Cuban diaspora bubble.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Cuban journalist José Luis Tan Estrada denounced that in Camagüey dengue is already an epidemic, due to the increase in cases that has been registered in recent months.

The Cuban communicator apparently indicated there are people dying and “many children in serious condition.” In the same way, he reiterated that in Camagüey, as well as in the rest of the island, hospitals do not have the resources or conditions to attend to the significant number of dengue cases that are reported.

“In Camagüey dengue is already an epidemic. Cases are increasing significantly. Many children in serious condition, people dying. The hospitals do not have the resources or the conditions,” the Cuban journalist wrote.

Likewise, he denounced the shortage of medicines that continues to plague the island, and for which many people who are infected with the disease are in danger.

He recalled that the Castro dictatorship always seeks to hide this type of situation that occurs in Cuba to continue selling the false image that the island is “a medical power.”

“Pharmacies empty of medicines necessary to treat the virus, such as oral rehydration salts and pain relievers. The local authorities try to hide it,” he added.