Spain’s election: Exiled Cuban novelist Zoé Valdés running as Vox party candidate for a Senate seat

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Spain is holding an election today and one of the candidates is a famous Cuban novelist with dual citizenship. Since she has chosen to run for office as a member of the conservative party Vox, many media outlets are predictably labelling a “far right” or “fascist” candidate.

An estimated 250,000 Cuban exiles who are Spanish citizens are expected to vote today and most of them are expected to vote for conservative candidates.

One must admit this situation in hilarious. If Spain’s leftists had not been so supportive of Cuba’s dictatorship, they wouldn’t have ended up with a quarter million Cuban exiles in their midst who are likely to vote against leftists.

Stay tuned. Spain’s socialists and communists might be very sad and angry at Cuban exiles when all the votes are tallied.

And speaking of leftists who might be angered by election results, El Nioyortain will be reporting election results live HERE


Zoé Valdés is uncomfortable. “I’m recording this conversation”, she warns before answering the World by telephone. Since her name appeared among the candidates for the Senate of the far-right Spanish party Vox, in the context of the early legislative elections of July 23, the Cuban novelist, in exile in France since 1995, tries, somehow, to justify this surprising political commitment.

“Vox is not extreme right but of extreme need, as they say themselves”, quickly specifies the author of The pain of the dollar (Actes Sud, 1997), the novel that made her world famous. We knew she was very conservative, able to express her support for Donald Trump, but not to the point of making the leap into politics. “I am anti-fascist and anti-communist. I’m not far right. My work speaks for me,” she insists, a hint of annoyance in her voice.

Zoé Valdés is not a Vox activist and only spends part of her life in Spain, “between Madrid and Andalusia”, she says. However, she had no doubts when the party offered her to close its list of Senate candidates for the Madrid constituency. Naturalized Spanish in 1997, as a writer politically hunted in her country, she considers the proposal as ” an honor ” than any other movement “never did to him”.

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She claims to accept it for at least two reasons: “the possibility of carrying out the anti-communist and anti-Castro struggle” from the Spanish Senate, and “save Spain from the worst”something she “couldn’t do for Cuba”.

For the writer, the left-wing government led by the socialist Pedro Sanchez is indeed putting Spain at risk of experiencing the same fate as Venezuela or Nicaragua. “It’s comparable”she insists, recalling that the minister and leader of the Spanish radical left, Yolanda Diaz, posed in her youth in front of a large poster of Che Guevara, or that Pedro Sanchez sometimes sang The International.

3 thoughts on “Spain’s election: Exiled Cuban novelist Zoé Valdés running as Vox party candidate for a Senate seat”

  1. Even if the PP wins, that’d be like some RINO Republican getting elected POTUS. Spain is too far gone to elect the candidate it needs, which may not be Abascal but it’s definitely not yet another gallego hack like Feijóo, who’s like a more constipated version of the useless Rajoy.

    • That’s right, Asombra. This stupid Galician spent weeks frightening VOX voters in relation to the useful vote. As a result VOX has lost 19 deputies while to the PP has only been transferred 4. It’s a condemnation: we have to live between the evil of the PSOE and the stupidity of the PP (which finally, are roughly the same shitty social democratic party).

      • Feijóo would not have done a good job even if he’d had a majority, and since he didn’t get one, he’s going to be even worse, if not a disaster. He wanted it both ways–beat the PSOE but shun VOX, because he’s afraid of “guilt” by association, meaning he’s a wimpy LOSER.

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