Havana residents block major street to protest constant blackouts

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It was a minor blip on the radar screen of Castro, Inc.’s repressive thugs, nothing but a handful of frustrated Habaneros.

Public demonstrations of anger such as this are rare in Castrogonia. These Cubans were not dissidents, calling for an end to the dictatorship. They merely wanted an end to constant blackouts. But Castro, Inc. doesn’t take kindly to any kind of complaining.

The protesters were quickly disbanded. No word on what punishments await them. Their punishment is as inevitable as the rising and setting of the sun.

Abridged and loosely translated from CiberCuba

A group of Cubans blocked traffic on Sunday night at the confluence of San Lázaro and Belascoaín streets, in Central Havana, in protest against continuous blackouts that they have been suffering for more than three days, according to reports on social networks.

“Not just three days, it’s 10 days and nothing, nobody solves the problem, our food spoiling. The children hardly even sleep at night. The refrigerators can’t be installed. Those from the Electric Company come, supposedly they fix the problem. It only lasts 20 minutes and the current goes back on. Enough since we are not rams, just hard-working human beings and we need to live as people,” wrote a resident of the area on Facebook, who confirmed the instability that they have been suffering from in the electrical service for several years. days ago.

“Enough already. It’s a lack of respect, we’ve been taking the current off and on for more than a week and the light bulbs are burning out. The refrigerators can hardly be put on due to the rise and fall of the voltage, the children hardly even sleep, enough is enough, we need an answer for our children, “said another Internet user.

In the images circulating on the networks about the protest, half a dozen people are seen sitting on chairs and even a sofa located in the middle of the street, preventing the passage of vehicles, while in the immediate vicinity another group of people watches the development of events.

According to the testimony of several commentators, the surroundings of Maceo Park were filled with patrol cars and the protest was finally disbanded.

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  1. The foreign enablers of Castro, Inc. absolutely do NOT care, and it’s not because they don’t know. They’ll just keep blaming the “blockade” and harping on the “free” (third-world) health care (when available).

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