Exiled Cuban journalist threatened by Cuban dictatorship’s agents in Spain

Abraham Jiménez Enoa,

From our Bureau of Long Distance Socialist Intimidation with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance and Social Justice

Castro, Inc. isn’t content until it makes life miserable for all Cubans, whether they are on the island or not.

The dictatorship has a very nasty long arm, and one Cuban journalist was just tapped by it.

Abridged and loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Cuban journalist Abraham Jiménez Enoa, based in Barcelona, Spain, denounced being harassed and even threatened by agents of the Castro regime in that European region.

On his Twitter account, he recounted the moment he ran into two subjects of Cuban origin and that, judging by his appearance, Jiménez Enoa deduced that they were State Security agents.

The individuals would have yelled at the Cuban journalist that they know where he lives with his son, clearly as a form of threat.

“In Barcelona, one block from where I live here, while I was carrying my son in his stroller, two Cuban men passed by me and yelled at me: Abraham, we know you are close to your house. I stopped, I looked at them and I looked at my son, who asked me: Dad, what’s up?” Jiménez said.

In this sense, he recalled all the moments of repression that he had to suffer while he remained on the communist island, where he could not move from one place to another without having the eyes of the slaves of the regime prostrated on his humanity.

“The incident made me relive my last days in Cuba, where I couldn’t even take a step without feeling watched, observed, without being provoked in the street. State Security is not going to rest, it is not going to stop their mafia methods.”

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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