Number of ‘femicides’ in Cuba climbs to 54 this year

Latest victim: Ruselay Castillo Matos

From our Bureau of Socialist Machismo and Misogyny

As is the case with blatant racism in Castrogonia, its deep-seated misogyny is not only ignored, but actually denied by leftists worldwide.

Naturally, Castro, Inc. claims to have abolished misogyny and fools are easily swayed by this lie. Thanks to independent reporting on social media, however, it is now becoming painfully apparent that Cuban women are quite vulnerable to domestic violence.

Never mind the fact that Cuba’s ruling military junta is overwhelmingly male. Women are being murdered by their male partners at an alarming rate this year, and those male oligarchs are doing nothing about it.

From 14yMedio via Translating Cuba

The platform Yo Sí Te Creo en Cuba (YSTC) [Yes I Do Believe You] confirmed this Thursday the femicide of Ruselay Castillo Matos, murdered on July 18 in Cárdenas, Matanzas. With her death, the number of victims of sexist violence on the Island rises to 54 so far this year.

According to the observatory, the young woman, 31 years old and a resident in the town of the Humberto Álvarez, was murdered by her partner. Castillo, a housewife and native of the town of Santa Marta, was the mother of two teenagers.

In the absence of figures and official records, gender platforms and independent media continue to report the occurrence of femicides on the Island. Recently learned of is the death of Leidy Mariam Durruty García, 32, who died on July 16 in San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque.

The newspaper El Vigía de Cuba, which initially reported the incident, told that the event occurred when Durruty García was returning from a piano-bar at dawn, a moment that her ex-husband took advantage of to attack her with a knife.  The attacker, according to the media, voluntarily turned himself in to the Police.

The murderer has been identified by the name of Luis Socarrás, also 32 years old and born in Santiago de Cuba. A neighbor of the victim explained that the couple had an unstable relationship with successive reunions in which violence sometimes mediated.

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