On 70th anniversary of Cuban ‘Revolution,’ fake president Díaz-Canel spews lethal dose of radioactive Castrobabble

From our Bureau of Radioactive Castronoid Bullshit with some assistance from our Bureau of Transparent Shirts No Head of State Should Ever Wear in Public

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of a “Revolution” that destroyed one’s country is a tough assignment, for sure. But Castro, Inc.’s oligarchs know exactly what to do on such an occasion.

Resurrecting and spewing the same bullshit that Castro, Inc. has been broadcasting for 64 years, 6 months, and 26 days is the solution.

Basically, the bullshit and the rhetoric in which it is dressed are so infantile and idiotic that even someone who has lost half of their brain in a traumatic head injury could spot it for what it is: pure, undiluted bullshit of the worst sort. Radioactive even. A veritable verbal Chernobyl. Those exposed to it can die horrible deaths.

To make the occasion even more Kafkaesque, fake president Trucutú Díaz-Canel, chose to wear a transparent Nehru shirt that allowed everyone to admire the wife-beater “camiseta” tank top he was wearing underneath. This man is so classy, so suave, so reptilian, he might actually be the love child of Karl Lagerfeld and Sil, the alien creature portrayed by Natasha Henstridge in the film “Species.”

Absolutely nauseating. Lord have mercy. Miserere nobis, Domine, Cubani sumus.

Sil and Karl: Trucutú’s real parents?

Loosely translated from Periódico de Cuba

70 years ago, Fidel Castro planned to storm the Moncada Barracks and, staying in the rear, saw how the attempt to take the military fortress failed. In the trial he blamed José Martí, identifying him as the intellectual author of that brawl that sought to put an end to all the evils that afflicted the republic under the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista.

This July 26, 2023, when Cuba celebrates more than 64 years under the yoke of the Communist Party, the dictator on duty, Miguel Díaz-Canel, assured in a speech in Santiago de Cuba that “assaulting many Moncadas” is the solution for the problems facing the island.

“As long as the United States government persists in its attempt to suffocate us with its genocidal blockade, as long as we do not reach a decent level of prosperity for every Cuban, we will have a Moncada to assault,” said the president, using the metaphor of that failed military stratagem as vindication of the actions to be carried out when there is an unsustainable accumulation of social problems.

In this sense, he explained that “the battle against illegalities, crime and, above all, the increase in the supply of goods for use and consumption to combat inflation, is a difficult Moncada that we have the duty to assault, here and everywhere. the country. Cuba deserves it.”

However, so that nobody thinks that the misery of the Cuban people falls on the leadership of the Communist Party, the successor of Raúl Castro listed a series of measures imposed by the US government that in his opinion are the causes of the vicissitudes of the Major of the Antilles.

The shortage of food, medicine and fuel is to blame for “Cuba’s inclusion on the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism; the application of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which internationalizes the blockade; the energetic persecution against Cuba and the ships that supply it with fuel; the persecution of the medical services that the Island provides to other nations; and the actions directed against tourism, one of the main sectors of the economy,” said Díaz-Canel.

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3 thoughts on “On 70th anniversary of Cuban ‘Revolution,’ fake president Díaz-Canel spews lethal dose of radioactive Castrobabble”

  1. There is nothing else they can say or offer. The BS is all there is–and all there ever was, really. It’s just that it’s now blindingly clear that it is, in fact, BULLSHIT. Don’t ask me what I think of those still buying it.

  2. As for the, uh, fashion issue, he would appear to be in competition with the Maduro moron. Typical.

  3. I suppose it is conceivable that someone as, uh, limited as D-C, who was practically raised to be what he has become (talk about grooming), might actually believe (at least partly) the old and tired tripe he spews. El tipo definitivamente se debe a esa mierda.

    In other words, we’re not talking about Fidel Castro, who NEVER believed his BS–but it worked for him.

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