Costa Rica’s parliament condemns Cuban dictatorship, calls for release of political prisoners, return to democracy

From our Bureau of Praiseworthy Quixotic Gestures

The fact that Costa Rica refuses to join the leftist bandwagon makes it one of the oddest nations in Central America.

That oddness was on display again this week when a lopsided majority of its parliamentarians voted in favor of a resounding condemnation of Cuba’s dictatorship.

This resolution echoes the one made by the European parliament a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, it’s going to have the same effect. No one will pay attention to it.

Nice gesture, though. Mil gracias, Costa Rica, for your refusal to turn Latrine.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

A group of 34 deputies from Costa Rica approved on Wednesday a motion condemning the dictatorship in Cuba and against the existence of political prisoners on the island, reported the media

The resolution, promoted by the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and with the support of different legislative factions, calls for the release of Cubans who are imprisoned in that country’s jails for political reasons, deprived of their liberty for expressing their opinions contrary to the Cuban regime.

Through the motion, the Costa Rican Congress expressed its “solidarity with the cause of freedom in Cuba and condemned the dictatorship for the systematic violation of fundamental human rights.”

It also demands “the immediate return to democracy in Cuba and the prompt holding of free elections under international supervision, without interference from the dictatorial regime.”

Finally, it urges the Government of Costa Rica to speak out and demand the prompt release of political prisoners and a return to democracy in Cuba.

The resolution was only rejected by the six deputies of the Broad Front (FA) and the liberationist Francisco Nicolás. FA described the legislative initiative as “interference” and with “false and biased information”.

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  1. Costa Rica has long been an exception among “Latin” countries in general and Central American ones in particular, and yes, one appreciates the gesture, which is more than we get from Spain.

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