Spanish political activist dies in Cuba: Family struggles to bring corpse back home

Ángel Cuenca serenades some of his Cuban acquaintances

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Ángel Cuenca, a Canario activist who longed to free the Canary Islands from Spanish Rule died suddenly in Cuba two weeks ago, but his family in Spain was not notified until nine days had passed.

And now his family is encountering all sorts of obstacles in their effort to bring his corpse back home.

Sound familiar? It should. Stuff like this happens in Castrogonia all the time. Castro, Inc. tends not to care much about tourists who croak on the island because their death prevents them from spending more euros or dollars. But Castro, Inc. never gives up hope of profiting from such deaths. The prices charged to the families of the deceased for retrieval of their corpses is exorbitant, and the red tape these families need to cut through is very thick.

In this case, the deceased actually owned a home in Cuba, and seemed to be a good “revolutionary” sort of Spaniard who was looking forward to attending festivities organized by Castro, Inc. in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the start of Fidel’s attack on the Moncada barracks.

What a lovely place, Cuba. What lovely people, the oligarchs and functionaries of Castro, Inc., as well as those Europeans who show so much support for the island’s dictatorship.

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Ángel Cuenca, a historic independence and sovereign leader of the Canary Islands, has passed away in Santiago de Cuba. His body has yet to be sent to Spain, causing distress for his relatives, as reported by the press in the archipelago. The brother of the deceased, archaeologist Julio Cuenca, revealed that his brother died of a heart attack on July 16, but the family in the Canary Islands was only notified nine days later on Tuesday, July 25.

Communication between Cuba and the family in Spain has been maintained through the Embassy of Madrid in Havana. However, Ángel Cuenca’s body remains in the morgue of the Clinical Hospital in Santiago de Cuba. Julio Cuenca explained that Santiago was in a state of partial paralysis due to a national holiday commemorating the assault on Moncada, which affected the transportation of the deceased.

At the time of his death, Ángel Cuenca was alone, although he had his documentation. According to his brother, the deceased activist had been spending the past few years between Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Cuba, with Cuba being his longest stay due to his comfort there. He even had a house in Havana.

The family expressed their frustrations regarding the lack of information about the protocol that needs to be followed. They emphasized that the entire process is being carried out through the Embassy of Spain. Ángel Cuenca, a musician as well, was in Santiago de Cuba as an assistant to the 42nd edition of the Caribbean Festival. He had plans to attend the official acts organized by the Cuban regime for the 70th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada Barracks, which was led by Fidel Castro.

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