Top DeSantis donor boasted about selling drinks to Fidel Castro, lobbied for end of embargo

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The presidential campaign of Florida governor and Yale alumnus Ron DeSantis keeps running into a lot of turbulence, almost on a daily basis.

The latest potential setback comes from one of his top donors, who once boasted of making a small fortune by doing business with none other than Fidel Castro. Needless to say, this might not sit well with some of Ron’s potential supporters.

This latest bit of dirt has been dug up by the New York Post.

Rich Waltzer, a top donor to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ 2024 presidential campaign, once bragged that his company made a fortune selling drinks to Fidel Castro — and insiders say the situation is getting awkward.

According to a July 2004 Associated Press report, Waltzer, “when asked to name his beverage company’s best customer” Waltzer breezily name-dropped Cuba’s longtime dictator, who died in 2016.

“He’s paying cash up front…It doesn’t get any better than that,” Waltzer said of Castro.

Waltzer’s company, Splash Tropical Drinks of Fort Lauderdale — which has since rebranded to Procurement Systems, Inc. — sold $1 million in cola and juice concentrates, ice cream and daiquiri mixes over a four-year period under a law passed in 2000 to allow US firms sell food and agricultural products to Cuba. 

While the program had humanitarian roots, it drew scorn from Miami’s Cuban exile community — a powerful Republican enclave that has long pushed for the economic isolation of Cuba’s communist regime.

While Waltzer’s wife is pushing their GOP donor bona fides, he hasn’t always advocated for Republican candidates. In 2009, he spoke at a policy event encouraging attendees to donate to Democrats in the hopes they would end the embargo on Cuba.

Waltzer has also donated to the New Cuba PAC which advocates ending any embargo on trade with the communist regime. 

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