Leftist activist and pro-Castro Cuban-American Carlos Lazo breaks U.S. laws with ‘people-to-people’ indoctrination tours

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Carlos Lazo is an agent of Castro, Inc. who masquerades as an enlightened humanitarian in the U.S. in order to spew Castroite propaganda openly and aggressively.

His “Bridges of Love” organization is nothing more than an arm of Castro, Inc., often praised in the propaganda outlets of the Ministry of Truth, and also awarded prizes by rabid leftists in the U.S.

Code Pink has this to say about Lazo: “He has no time for ideology. He is neither for or against the Cuban government; he is for the Cuban people, the Cuban families. And he is disgusted by the cruelty of the U.S. blockade and by politicians who use the Cuban people as a political football.”

According to Code Pink, Lazo describes his mission as follows: “We try to unite people, whatever their ideology, religion, race or nationality. The important thing is to take down the walls that separate us and build bridges between our people.” Awwww, how sweet.

Lazo –who has met with Castrogonia’s leading oligarchs repeatedly — has just been caught using Castro, Inc.’s GAESA buses to transport young Americans who enroll in his people-to-people Cuba indoctrination tours. This is illegal. Sanctions imposed on Cuba stipulate that all entities owned and run by Castro, Inc. are forbidden to have financial relations with U.S. companies and citizens.

Will Jar-Jar Biden’s administration clamp down on this weasel? Probably not.

Lazo and his good friend Trucutú

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The indoctrinating professor Carlos Lazo uses the buses of the Castroite company sanctioned by the United States (USA), to transfer the North American students that he takes to Cuba to indoctrinate them with the communist and socialist ideology.

In an image that was published on social networks, Carlos Lazo can be seen leading a group of students, after being transported by the company sanctioned by the US State Department, Transgaviota.

This transport company belongs to the military conglomerate Gaviota Tourism Group, made up of Gaesa hotels, travel agencies and car rentals.

Despite violating the sanctions laws, the indoctrinating professor used the buses to transport Americans.

It is worth noting that the company is included in the list of more than 200 Cuban companies that are prohibited from establishing financial relations with companies and citizens of the United States.

It is also an indignity that these boys and girls are victims of the indoctrination promoted by the Cuban regime throughout the region And it is worth noting that these young Americans probably traveled to Cuba through the tourist modality known as “People to People”.

The “People to People” program facilitates trips for educational, social or religious purposes, but does not allow meetings with Castro officials.

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