Russia all set to begin modernization of Cuba’s railways

From our Bureau of Twenty-First Century Neocolonialism

In 1837, Cuba became one of the first six countries in the world to have a railroad, even earlier than Spain, its colonial master, which didn’t build its first rail line until 1852.

Since 1959, however, Castro, Inc. has done a thorough job of destroying Cuba’s railroads and it has no way of fixing what it brought to ruin. No worries, lefties. Cuba’s new colonial master, Russia, seems to have plenty of rubles to invest in refurbishing and modernizing what Castro, Inc. destroyed.

Add this to the list of gifts that Grand Putinia is showering on Castrogonia. Meanwhile, keep in mind that these gifts come with many strings attached. Czar Vlad the Invader is going to claim his pound of flesh sooner rather than later, most probably by sending young Cubans to fight his war in Ukraine.

Stay tuned. Deja ver lo que pasa. Choo, choo . . Toot, toot ! …rackatta dack dack racka dacka, rackatta dack dack racka rack. . .

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The state company RZD (Russian Railways) is awaiting the approval of a loan from Moscow to resume financing the modernization of Cuba’s railway infrastructure, after it suspended a program for that purpose at the end of 2020 due to the fact that Havana did not pay a debt it had.

According to the Russian agency Interfax, “it is planned to continue cooperation with the Cuban side and Russian financial institutions on the issue of assigning a specific export credit for the implementation of the project for the restoration and modernization of Cuba’s railway infrastructure, within the framework of the signed contract,” RZD said during the Russia-Africa forum, which is being held in Moscow.

The preparation of a technical and commercial proposal for the implementation of the first optimized stage of the contract will begin after the Russian government decides to assign the specific credit, the note clarifies.

The objective of the project is that the speed of movement in the railway infrastructure of Cuba increases from 40-60 km/h to 120 km/h. Also, that cargo traffic increases from 14.7 million tons to 21.6 million.

It also seeks to increase passenger traffic from 7.8 million people per year to 24.3 million passengers, and the travel time from Havana to Santiago de Cuba be reduced from 20 to 12 hours, according to RZD.

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3 thoughts on “Russia all set to begin modernization of Cuba’s railways”

  1. I thought that the Chinese were modernizing the regime’s railways? That’s what the news said some years ago. Now it’s the Russians? Is that even true? One has to take the regime’s positive press releases like a grain of salt. Anyway, what a useless country. They’ve been restoring the beautiful Central Station in Havana for years and never finish. In any normal county restoring a building even one that size wouldn’t take so long.

    Asombra, as you say, it’s all about the ruling class and the masses don’t matter. More than a government, the parasitic Cuban regime is a mafia run by greedy oligarchs who don’t care about Cuba. The closest thing to them is the late Pablo Escobar, a man who built an empire in Colombia to the detriment of Colombia. All the wealth accumulation was for his personal edification.

    • “Revolutionary” Cuba has always been a parasite and/or a whore, as it has never been able to function on its own. The pattern is unbroken and will stay in place as long as the “revolution” lasts.

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