Chinese factory in Cuba sells electric mopeds (motorinas) at outrageous prices

Unaffordable and potentially explosive

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice and Price-Gouging

Electric Vehicles of the Caribbean (VEDCA) is a mixed Chinese-Cuban company near Havana that manufactures small electric vehicles.

Its latest announcement has startled and angered Cubans who posted comments on social media. At issue is the price it will be charging for a new line of mopeds: $3,426 USD (82,288.87 Cuban pesos), which makes them unaffordable.

The average salary earned by the vast majority of Cubans is 4,000 CUPs per month, the equivalent of $ 166.57 USD.

Whether or not these VEDCA mopeds are the ones bursting into flame all over the island is not mentioned in the article below. And . . . whether or not Cubans will be able to charge up these e-mopeds due to the severity of Cuba’s constant blackouts is not mentioned either.

So, add this to the list of wonderful things attributable to Castro, Inc. Long live socialism.

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Electric Vehicles of the Caribbean (VEDCA) has recently made a startling announcement regarding the sale of bicycles equipped with lead gel batteries, at an exorbitant price. The entity, known for its commitment to Cuban electric mobility, took to their institutional Facebook profile to share this news.

The eye-catching advertisement reads, “This week, we are offering the 4209 bicycle with a lead gel battery for sale in national currency at Fercons store, Boyeros and Reloj Club, with convenient turnkey deliveries from our factory. The product is also expected to be available in Santiago de Cuba in collaboration with Eisa, by the end of August.”

Surprisingly, the estimated sale price for these bicycles is a staggering 82,288.87 Cuban pesos, as mentioned in the provided information. Yes, that number is correct. Additional details, provided by journalist Lázaro Manuel Alonso, divulge that VEDCA plans to finance the sale of their second batch of electric bicycles using an exchange rate of 1 dollar for 120 pesos.

Predictably, social media users wasted no time expressing their opinions on this announcement. One user wrote, “It looks promising; they should offer financing options. As a doctor, I struggle with transportation difficulties on a daily basis.” Another individual commented, “Thanks to the establishment of the exchange market based on the black market dollar price, we now have astronomically high prices for everything in Cuba. They are completely unaffordable for those of us who work and depend on an average salary.”

In a humorous tone, a Cuban citizen joked, “Thanks to these prices, I can continue to enjoy the warmth and embrace of fellow Cubans on overcrowded buses daily. Great to have a bike option! Let’s aim for more and better opportunities!”

Reflecting on the astronomical price tag of these electric bicycles, another user stated, “Based on the state’s exchange rate, it would cost approximately 700 MLC. This might be acceptable for a worker earning a minimum monthly salary of 900 pesos, but it is an unattainable dream for the average Cuban.”

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  1. Carlos, you have to understand nobody expects average Cubans to be able to afford this with the money they earn. The money is unquestionably supposed to come from the outside, meaning the “dia$pora.”

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