Cuban political prisoners being beaten and fed rotten food

The daily life of inmates in Camagüey, Cuba’s Castro gulags is made up of beatings, rotten food, and constant abuse. This is socialism in action.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Rotten food, beatings, and self-harm among the complaints by prisoners in Camagùey

Political and common prisoners in the prisons of Camagüey are denouncing the precarious conditions and abuses they are subjected to. They are holding Lieutenant Colonel Eider Sierra Ochoa, the head of the penitentiary units in the province, responsible for this situation, as reported to Martí Noticias by inmates and activists on Tuesday.

Families of prisoners have reported a diarrhea outbreak in the provincial prison system, affecting many inmates due to the consumption of rotten food. The prisoners are lacking medication to alleviate this situation.

Lester Ayala Alarcón, sentenced to 10 years in Kilo 9 prison for participating in the popular protests on July 11th in Camagüey, spoke with activist Jiordan Marrero Huerta, stating:

“This is Lester Ayala from July 11th. Brother, here the warden treats us like animals, and I can’t keep silent. They threaten me, saying they will transfer me to La 26. They always have a threat against me.

“On July 26th, they gave us chicken… rotten chicken that we had to throw away. They give us spoiled food.

“This place is suffocating. Right now, just for making this call, I already have State Security on me, asking why I’m doing this and why I’m calling a counterrevolutionary. But when I call you all, you don’t solve any problems, and I have to stay silent, enduring and enduring,” emphasized the prisoner.

In the same prison, inmate Delvis Socarrás Marín, also in communication with Marrero Huerta, explained the situation of two common prisoners who have been mistreated in recent days by prison authorities.

“I have information about an inmate from detachment 27, where I am located. His name is Yasmani Hernández Fernández. Just about half an hour ago, he was assaulted. They had to sew two stitches in a vein in one of his arms. He was bleeding here, in the detachment, and all the inmates were calling the guards until they finally took him out, because of our insistence,” he recounted.

Socarrás Marín explained that the inmate cut himself on purpose “due to problems with the food situation” and denounced that “the unit chief did not want to attend to him.”

He also recounted the case of another inmate who allegedly suffered abuse from the prison authorities.

“The head of the interior, Cutiño, attacked him with batons and caused several injuries. This inmate’s name is Dariel Santiesteban Licea, from detachment 9, and nobody gave him proper medical attention” Socarrás Marín claimed.

Marrero Huerta called attention to the situation of three political prisoners confined in Kilo 8 prison, who are being harassed by prison authorities following orders from the Department of State Security.

These prisoners are Reinier Calderín Socarrás, an activist from the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), sentenced to three years for alleged crimes of assault and disrespect; Jorge Alexis Agüero Gómez, sentenced to 14 years for his participation in the July 11th protests, and Alieski Calderín Acosta, sentenced to 20 years for “sabotage.”

“Calderín Socarras, Calderín Acosta, and Agüero Gómez have been repeatedly sent to punishment cells, and on many occasions, their phone calls have been restricted for denouncing inhumane conditions, demanding improvements in medical care, better food, and better living conditions for the prison population,” concluded the activist.

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