Wonder what Alvarez Guedes would say about the US women’s soccer team

The Cuban in me always goes to the Alvarez Guedes repertoire for guidance and humor. Well, I am talking about the U.S. women’s soccer team and the ladies who are not living up to expectations. This is the story from the land down under or wherever the tournament is being held:

The U.S. women’s national team advanced to the knockout stage of the Women’s World Cup on Tuesday with a draw against Portugal.

Neither team was able to put a goal on the board and the draw was one of the more surprising results of the tournament. The U.S. had been favored to win the tournament for the third consecutive time as Portugal was making its first Women’s World Cup appearance.

The U.S. finishes the group stage with two draws and one win. It’s the ninth straight time the Americans have advanced to the knockout stage but this time it was behind less-than-inspiring play.

“Less than inspiring play”? What a nice way to say that these ladies are not worth getting up at 2 a.m. to watch play.  

It’s a shame that Zig Ziglar is not around to give the ladies a pep talk. Or maybe they can watch Rudy but that may be too much “toxic masculinity” for this collection of snobs.  

My guess is that these young women take themselves too seriously.  Someone has persuaded them that they are on a mission to change the world or be on the right side of history.  

What would Alvarez-Guedes tell the coach before the next game? The young women are not scoring, so go crazy and pick the starter out of a hat.  It may work!   

And then tell them to smile and respect the national anthem.   Maybe the Stars & Stripes will shower them with the enthusiasm lacking.

We discussed this topic and others with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda:

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2 thoughts on “Wonder what Alvarez Guedes would say about the US women’s soccer team”

  1. Classic example of inconsequential and utterly dispensable entertainment which takes itself WAY too seriously and suffers from delusions of both relevance and importance, not to mention being obnoxious.

  2. The level of competition has improved tremendously in women’s soccer, that is why you have countries like Morocco, Colombia and Jamaica advancing to the Round of 16, while countries such as Germany, Canada and Brazil were eliminated. At least the United States advanced to the knockout rounds.

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