Cuban ex-prisoner of conscience stages public hunger strike outside U.S. Capitol

Luis Enrique Labrador Díaz

From our Bureau of Valiant But Potentially Lethal Quixotic Gestures

You have to admire this man. But you also have to admit that his self-sacrifice is not likely to yield positive results.

He is protesting Jar-Jar Biden’s “lack of action” against the Cuban dictatorship.

Good luck convincing that senile leftist political hack to do anything he’s not naturally inclined to do. He’ll ignore this Cuban, even if he is told about his hunger strike. Jar-Jar prefers to live in an oblivion bubble, as revealed by his dogged refusal to acknowledge his son Hunter’s love child as one of his own grandchildren.

While this Cuban fasts out in the open in the oppressive Washington heat, Jar-Jar is sleeping on the beach, most probably dreaming of launching Obamapalooza 2.0 and attending a baseball game with King Raul and his lap dog Trucutú.

Lord have mercy. This heartbreaking display of utter frustration and utter cluelessness is enough to make a grown man cry.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Luis Enrique Labrador Díaz entered his sixth day of hunger strike this Wednesday in front of the United States Capitol. During the day, the striker sits on a chair with two signs that say “Down with the murderous dictatorship of Cuba,” in Spanish and English. At night, he sleeps on a bench near the Capitol, since he is not allowed to spend the night on the grounds of the headquarters of the legislative body.

Labrador Díaz began his hunger strike on July 28.

“I decided to come here, to the heart of democracy, to the United States, to speak out, to demand from the murderous Castro dictatorship the immediate release of these young people who are serving unjust sentences in prisons for the mere fact of acting within the limits parameters of freedom of expression”, said the former political prisoner in an interview with Martí Noticias.

Labrador Díaz was one of 53 prisoners who were released in 2015, following the agreement between the United States and Cuba to normalize bilateral relations, which included a commitment by the Castro regime to release a group of political prisoners.

The activist also expressed his frustration with what, in his opinion, is a lack of action by the government of President Joe Biden to achieve democracy in Cuba.

“One of the demands that I am making here is that President Biden, who is currently in office, give an explanation to the Cubans, and to the world, because we have been living an odyssey for 64 years,” he declared.

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3 thoughts on “Cuban ex-prisoner of conscience stages public hunger strike outside U.S. Capitol”

  1. I wish that Cubans would consult someone who could make a grammatically correct and descent looking poster for them. It’s always the same thing, “Down with Castro or the dictatorship” sloppily written on a cardboard. I’ve been to enough demonstrations to see how Americans ignore those tacky signs.

  2. This man could pour gasoline all over himself and light himself on fire and it would do no good. He would simply be written off as some disturbed wacko. As I have said before, I am opposed to such hunger strikes.

    • This is what happens when communities are not institution builders. Cubans are not institution builders. We don’t have a MALDEF, A NATIONAL COUNCIL OF LA RAZA, A LULAC, A National Gay Task Force, a B’nai Brith, an Eli Weisel Foundation, an Anti-Defamation League, etc…

      This man has no idea how Americans think. In his mind he is in Cuba where hunger strikes are the only way to fight against the system. Nobody even knows that man is on a hunger strike. I see no sign where he is saying he is on a hunger strike. If I knew this man, I would have discouraged him from doing this and at the very least gone to Kinko’s with him and had a decent looking, grammatically-correct sign made. By the way, that sign doesn’t even say anything persuasive.

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