Podcast of the Day: Protestant Mysticism: Is there such a thing?

The Protestant Reformation in the 16th century not only changed how Christians viewed the Church, but also how they viewed mysticism. In this episode, Dr. Carlos Eire and I discuss the startling differences between Protestant mysticism and the mysticism of the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. The different conception of human nature and our relationship with God held by Protestant reformers such as Martin Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin led to a completely different perception of mysticism. It also bred rebellion among Protestants, who took mysticism to the extreme.

2 thoughts on “Podcast of the Day: Protestant Mysticism: Is there such a thing?”

  1. Alberto, you are such a marvelous listener; you play our role as you listen. You make perfect comments at perfect moments.
    And please don’t overlook that you also have Jewish listeners.

    • Thank you, Honey! As I imagine is the case with most of our listeners, I just sit and listen in wonder at Carlos’ great knowledge and very easy to understand explanations of otherwise very complex topics. I only interrupt to ask the questions most folks like me would be asking.

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