Russians think Cuba vacations are too expensive, find other tropical locations more inviting

From our Annals of Apartheid Tourism Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of The Eternal Battle Between Socialist Ideals and Free Market Realities and our Bureau of Ultimate Sources of Shame for Cubans

Ay! The oligarchs at Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Apartheid Tourism must be feeling plenty of discomfort after reading the latest report from Russian tour operators.

The Russkies report that they find Cuba’s apartheid tourist enclaves way too expensive and less inviting than other tropical destinations. All this, despite the fact that Cuba has just become one of their colonies.

This means, of course, that Castro, Inc. won’t be able to rely on Russian tourists to revive their moribund apartheid tourist industry, as previously hoped.

The devastating Russian report has accidentally prompted a Cuban diplomat in Russia to reveal a very disturbing statistic. As it turns out, during this moribund post-Covid phase of declining tourism in Cuba, Russians rank number four among the nationalities that supply Castro, Inc. with tourists.

What is disturbing about this statistic, you might ask? Well . . . it’s all about who the top three nationalities that outnumber Russians. Canada is first, and this is no surprise. But guess who is second and third?

The second largest supplier of tourists to Castro, Inc.’s apartheid tourist industry is the Cuban “diaspora.” Yes, Cubans from the “diaspora” are number two. And guess who comes in at number three? Tourists from the United States.

Forget about all those Europeans. The three top clients of Castro, Inc.’s apartheid tourist facilities are all North American: Canadians, Diaspora Cubans, and U.S. residents and citizens. Given the fact that half of all Americans lean left, and more than three-quarters are clueless about Latrine America as a whole, their third place is no surprise either. It’s the number two clientele that makes Tres Fotutos wish he could die a quick painless death or be instantly transformed into a Norwegian or a Polynesian, or even a Leprechaun. Being ashamed of your own people can kill, you know . . . Sometimes the most painful aspect of being Cuban is knowing that one is Cuban.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Russian tour operators have just demolished expectations that Cuba will become a preferred destination for its vacationers during the harsh winter in the Eurasian nation. According to their considerations, there are several much cheaper destinations.

According to a report from the Association of Russian Tour Operators (ATOR), Cuba is going to be one of the most expensive places to spend the coldest northern months in the so-called high season on the island, just when the local leisure industry expects to make its biggest profits. .

According to travel agents, in the upcoming autumn-winter season, Russian tourists who want to relax at sea will choose between three countries: Thailand, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Instead, the most expensive destinations will be Cuba and the Seychelles Islands.

According to the Russian outlet, nine days in the United Arab Emirates will cost for those dates from 152,000 rubles (just over $1,600), while a nine-night package in Thailand is only slightly more expensive, and will be worth about 174,000 rubles (almost $1,900) for two.

On the other hand, a vacation reservation of similar characteristics to Cuba does not fall below 190,000 rubles (almost 2,100 dollars).

The ATOR forecasts are released shortly after the figures for the first half of 2023 showed an increase of just 45% of Russian vacationers in Cuba, compared to the same period in 2022.

According to data from the Cuban Embassy in the Russian Federation, between January and June 2023, 67,600 tourists from the Eurasian nation visited the island. The tourism adviser from the diplomatic headquarters, Christina León Iznaga, indicated that Russia is now the fourth tourist market on the island, surpassed by Canada, which has once again supplied the highest number of tourists, Cubans residing abroad, and tourists from USA.

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2 thoughts on “Russians think Cuba vacations are too expensive, find other tropical locations more inviting”

  1. It’s not just about money. All Cuba can offer is a Potemkin experience, since the real Cuba is so bad that Cubans themselves don’t want to be in it. Naturally, if anybody should take a pass on a Potemkin experience it’s Russians, who invented it and know all about it.

    As for the “diaspora” crowd, well, it is what it is and will only provide more revenue as its numbers increase via emigration. Canadian tourists are not worth spitting on, and American ones are not much better.

  2. Canadians are used to being sodomized by the Cuban regime, Americans are too naive to the suffering in Cuba, and Russians are just disdainful of the Stalinists in charge of Cuba that they have tossed them to the side of the road.

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