Cuban dictatorship sends 120 slave doctors to Italy, total number there rises to 200

Roberto Occhiuto, president of Calabria province, poses with latest batch of slaves provided by Castro, Inc.

From our Bureau of Twenty-First Century Neoslavery with some assistance Bureau of Socialist Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Castro, Inc. has just sent a new batch of slaves to southern Italy, where they will join 50 others who have been laboring there for a while. Meanwhile, the healthcare system in Cuba becomes worse with each passing day and Cubans have to put up with abysmal conditions in Castro, Inc.’s clinics and hospitals, often begging for assistance from Cubans abroad.

Also, it seems quite obvious that the slave doctor program is racist and a bastion of white privilege. Take a close look at the photo above. How many Cubans of African descent can you count? Cuba’s black population is estimated to be between 62 and 72 percent. So, one must conclude that the racial imbalance evident in the photo above is is what socialist social justice, diversity, inclusion and equity looks like.

Does the UN object? Does the EU object? Do American woke-o-noids, progressives and leftists object? Do journalists in the world’s mainstream news media object? Of course not. Instead, Castro, Inc.’s slave doctor program keeps being nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

A group of 120 Cuban doctors arrived last Thursday in the province of Calabria, in southern Italy, where at least 51 more have been working since last December, in what implies the expansion of the lucrative business of exporting professionals that Havana recognizes as pays significant dividends.

According to Roberto Occhiuto, president of the Italian region who has resorted to the island’s health workers due to the shortage of professionals in that region, Cubans are hired in four Calabrian hospitals.

“They will start working together with Italian doctors already in August,” the official wrote on his Facebook wall. “The white coats of the first contingent have shown that they had a great experience, widely appreciated both by the Italian doctors who worked with them and by the patients in the hospitals they treated,” he added.

“I said it and I repeat it: they are not going to steal any job from Italian doctors – and, in fact, the competitions are advancing quickly – but they will help us keep the departments and hospitals open,” he emphasized, referring to the criticism that this hiring receives in the Italian medical guild.

The accusations spread and reached the European Parliament, when a group of deputies sent a letter to Occhiuto, in which they denounced the conditions in which doctors work, with contracts that violate their human and labor rights.

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  1. All foreigners complicit with Castro, Inc. know very well that, apart from “those people,” nobody cares that they’re enabling evil. It remains PC–and if it weren’t, if it were like enabling apartheid South Africa, they would NOT be doing it. In other words, they know what will fly and what won’t, and they act accordingly.

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