Cuban mother and her four children block street in protest

Desperate over shortages of food and the miserable living conditions her children have to endure in communist Cuba, a Cuban mother felt she had no options left other than to publicly protest the Castro dictatorship. With her four children with her, the woman blocked a street in a Havana suburb in a despondent act of defiance.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Cuban mother and her 4 children block a street in Havana in protest over living conditions

This Friday morning on a street in the neighborhood of Los Pinos, in the Havana neighborhood of Arroyo Naranjo, a young Cuban mother carried out a protest with her 4 young children, including twins.

The woman was protesting and demanding the authorities address the appalling living conditions she and her children are experiencing.

She set up the protest by placing pieces of wood debris and two umbrellas, attempting to draw attention and block the public road in a legitimate civic protest.

“A mother of 4 children, living in terrible conditions, grew tired of so many lies and took a stand in the middle of the street,” says a post on Facebook from the page “Resu DeCuba.”

According to the posted video, some supporters of the Castro regime approached the woman, trying to convince her to end her protest, but they didn’t succeed.

“For no good reason, the lady remains there,” a man’s voice can be heard saying in the video.

A few minutes later, a police patrol arrived to put an end to the protest.

The woman was standing alone in the middle of the street while neighbors walked by indifferently.

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