Lucy was funny in Spanish, too

Here’s a pleasant thought for your Sunday: the amazing and hilarious Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown, N.Y. on this day in 1911. She died in 1989.

Back in the late 1950s and until Castro expropriated private television stations in the early 1960s, we used to get most U.S. TV shows, but dubbed in Spanish, from “Rin Tin Tin” to “Lassie” to “Perry Mason” and others.  In fact, my first exposure to American football was watching a Disney cartoon of Pluto running with the ball.  I should add that there was a lot of Cuban-produced TV — a shock to leftists who think the island was a “you know what”–hole longing for a Robin Hood to save us from Yankee imperialism.

Personally, I don’t remember watching Lucy and Desi on Cuban TV, but my parents did.  My memories of watching Lucy dubbed in Spanish was watching the show on business trips to Mexico or pre-Chávez Venezuela.  What I found even more interesting is that everybody knew about Lucy, from the receptionist to the manager to the guy on the assembly line.  Mentioning Lucy always brought a chuckle and a good feeling for all.  I once told a friend that Lucy was better known than Mickey Mouse, and it’s true.

Honestly, it was hilarious to see Lucy and Ethel scheme in Spanish.  It was even more funny when I was familiar with the show in English, especially the episode where the ladies take a job at the chocolate factory.  Some of the translation choices were wonderful.

I still love “I Love Lucy” and watch it every time I can.  It passes from one generation to the next because the comedy is second to none! 

We love Lucy in whatever language she is speaking! 

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  1. We used to watch in English along with my grandmother who didn’t speak English, but she loved it anyway especially when Ricky spoke Spanish.

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