Spanish hotel chain opens new hotel in Cuba ‘immune’ to the chronic blackouts

While housing in communist Cuba is crumbling and the Cuban people suffer daily blackouts that last hours, Spanish hotel chain Melia has just built a new hotel with solar panels. Apartheid is alive and well in Cuba.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Melia opens a new hotel in Cuba ‘immune’ to blackouts

The Meliá hotel chain will open the Meliá Trinidad Península in Cuba before the end of the year. The facility will feature 1,500 photovoltaic panels that will allow it to achieve “energy self-sufficiency.” This way, the hotel will not be affected by the usual power outages on the island, known as blackouts.

Reportur magazine details that this investment aims to provide the entire facility with energy through photovoltaic panels. This will supply hot water services to rooms, the kitchen, and laundry, using solar heaters as well.

Located in Ancón, near Trinidad, the accommodation will have 401 rooms, divided between standard and “The Level,” and will be ready for the upcoming high tourist season.

Its General Director, Juan Pereira, told Cubadebate that the location is excellent, situated on the second most important beach in the country (after Varadero). Customers will also be able to enjoy mountains, history, culture, and the charms of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988.

Additionally, the center will have a cistern to collect rainwater from the roofs, which will aid in irrigating the green areas. Another novelty will be replacing the traditional room access card with handles that will serve as keys.

Meliá Trinidad Península will feature seven bars and seven restaurants. Juan Pereira added the hotel will also be suitable for all kinds of events, meetings, and parties, thanks to its spacious halls.

Meliá Hotels International is the foreign hotel company with the highest presence in Cuba. At the beginning of last month, the chain opened a new hotel in Old Havana.

Named INNSiDE Habana Catedral, the five-star facility boasts 50 rooms, three restaurants and bars, a pool, and a terrace. It is described as a modern and comfortable hotel that aligns with the standards of the INNSiDE by Meliá brand, known for offering boutique accommodations characterized by careful design and unique personality, as stated on the hotel’s website.

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  1. And no, Meliá sees NO ethical or moral problem here, just bu$ine$$. Talk about scum of the earth. At least the regime is simply being what it is. Lord, the contempt.

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