‘El exilio’ and collecting Rocky Colavito cards

Our family arrived in Wisconsin in September 1964. By March 1965, my brother and I put on our gloves and joined the kids at the sandlot, forming baseball teams. It was also our first exposure to collecting baseball cards. It was so much fun buying the pack, chew the bubble gum included and trade cards with our friends.

One of my favorites was a guy named Rocky Colavito. What a name. Rocco Domenico Colavito was born in New York on this in 1933. He broke with the Indians in 1955 and was hitting a lot of HR’s in a few seasons.

Colavito was quite a power hitter: 374 HR & 1,159 RBI in 1,861 games. His best season was 1961: .290 average, 45 HR & 140 RBI. He hit 4 HR in one game in 1959.

Great power hitter and one of the most popular men ever to wear the Indians’ uniform. And one of my favorite baseball cards from those early days in the US.

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