U.S. becomes top provider of chicken to Cuba

Blockade? What blockade? It’s obvious the leftist propaganda we so often hear blaming U.S. sanctions against Cuba’s communist dictatorship for all that ails Cuba, is just that, propaganda. The only reason the Cuban people are going hungry and living in misery is the “blockade” placed on them by the Cuban regime.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

The U.S. becomes the top source of chicken eaten in Cuba

In June, purchases of chicken by the Cuban government from the United States once again constituted the largest portion of the volume in the Island’s acquisitions basket from its northern neighbor, where it buys tens of millions of dollars worth of various types of food and agricultural products every month.

According to data published by Cuban economist Pedro Monreal on Twitter, sourced from the export records of the US Department of Agriculture, Havana acquired 28 metric tons of this food during the first sixth months of this year, valued at $32,840,000.

“The exports of chicken meat from the US to Cuba saw a 44.7% jump in value and a growth of 9.3% in tons in June 2023. The asymmetry was due to a 33.7% increase in the unit value per kilogram,” Monreal indicated.

According to the economist, imports of this product, the primary meat available to Cubans, are fluctuating as they experience constant increases and decreases. However, he clarified that “in the long term, they show a growing Cuban import dependency” for this food.

“The value of a kilogram of US chicken exported to Cuba in June 2023 ($1.19) saw a significant monthly increase of 33.7% compared to the previous month ($0.89),” referring to the value at the port of shipment.

The figures cited by Monreal include all purchases made by both the State and small and medium-sized enterprises (MIPYMES), which acquire quantities of the product that are later sold at retail in their markets.

Despite these numbers, it is striking that the authorities are not even able to fulfill the deliveries of chicken meat distributed through the ration book.

For instance, this past week, the Havana Government announced that during the first days of August, the stores selling food from the so-called basic basket, which scarcely feeds for about a week, would begin selling the pending chicken from the month of July.

It has become common for the official Cuban press to report the incomplete delivery of minuscule amounts of food distributed by the Government through the ration book, with products being distributed in fractions or arriving up to two months after they were supposed to be sold.

Similarly, in Sancti Spíritus, commerce officials indicated that the pending chicken from July would be sold in August, and starting from the end of the month, the chicken from the eighth month of the year would be available.

The economic crisis in Cuba, where around 80% of the food consumed by the population is already imported, has caused Havana to depend on the arrival of ships and shipments to meet rationed deliveries.

However, many of these products, among others, can be found in the military’s dollar stores, but at unaffordable prices for most Cubans. Additionally, a variety of imported foods abound in hotels catering to foreign tourism. It is not known for these places to experience the delays that normal people, who sustain the country through their work, do suffer from.

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  1. OK, so if you don’t want to blame the US “blockade” for everything, then the other option is to blame the “diaspora” for not coughing up enough money. Blaming the “revolution,” of course, is NOT an option.

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