Wife of ‘Cuban Five’ spy René González offering 20,000 peso reward for her missing dog

From our Lifestyles of Rich Cuban Oligarchs Bureau

This is what you can get away with in Cuba if you’re married to a national “hero”.

20,000 pesos equals roughly $ 830 US dollars.

The average monthly salary in Cuba is between $ 128 and $166 USD per month. Pensioners only get $45 per month.

Talk about oligarchs with cash to spare (see previous post on cash for sale) . . . this story takes the cake, so to speak. Le pone la tapa al pomo, as Cubans like to say.

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

The wife of the spy René González, one of the christened Five Heroes who infiltrated the United States towards the end of the 1990s, is offering a juicy reward of 20,000 Cuban pesos (CUP) to anyone who provides truthful information about the whereabouts of her dog Chihuahua disappeared in Havana.

“Please we need help to find our puppy. He is a young, brown Chihuahua. His name is Goliath. He got lost in the Vedado area where streets are identified by letters. His young 10-year-old owner, our little grandson, is devastated. Please share, ”Olga Salanueva published from her Facebook profile.

“The dog has not appeared, but we have hope that someone will return it. Maybe someone who loves animals found it and since he is so nice he has become fond of it and doesn’t want to leave it, but please if necessary we give the whole family the money to buy a similar one. For us, our animals are part of our family and family is priceless,” said the woman.

whole story HERE in Spanish

3 thoughts on “Wife of ‘Cuban Five’ spy René González offering 20,000 peso reward for her missing dog”

  1. I don’t know, Carlos. I think this may qualify as some sort of esbirro porn. I’m totally grossed out.

    Needless to say, no matter how much an ordinary Cuban may love a lost dog, he or she couldn’t offer a reward even remotely close to this one. It would be completely out of the question. Disgusting.

  2. You know, the least these esbirro people could do is to name the dog Canelo, after the “president.” And do note the setting for the photo: a Barbie bathroom. Like I said, this is Castronoid minion porn.

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