Shocking! Cuban dictatorship’s oligarchs rent stolen luxury homes to foreigners

stolen home for rent on Revolico

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice with some assistance from our Ali Baba Bureau

Not too shocking . . . This racket has been in existence for a long time and Babalu has been paying attention to it steadily. But there seems to be an uptick in the number of rentals available, probably due to the depth of Cuba’s current crisis and the sharp decline in the numbers of tourists at Castro, Inc.’s apartheid hotels and resorts.

These houses are most probably rented out by those who “own” them rather than GAESA, Gaviota, or any of the other government agencies that funnel tourist dollars and euros into Castro, Inc.’s coffers.

Many of these rentals –which easily qualify for the designation of “mansion”– are being advertised on the Cuban website Revolico, where homes, cars, and all sorts of goods and services are advertised, most probably for oligarchs seeking to enrich themselves.

Is the “Revol” in the name of this website a reference to the “Revolution”? Probably. If so, a better name might be “Robolico.” (Spanish “robo” = “theft”)

World Nation News has picked up on this ongoing racket:

Although for most Cubans living on the island, renting a vacation home with a pool or near the ocean is something they could never afford, there is a growing trend for vacation rental homes in Cuba. There is also a luxury market with amenities similar to those of a typical Cuban who has enjoyed his life.

Searching Revolico and specifying that it has a pool, we found some ‘gems’ of apartment rentals in Cuba that a lucky few can enjoy but are prohibitively expensive for the average Cuban.

Here are some examples that show the variation in prices, comfort, services, and exclusivity of some of the offers. The description of the features is the same as it appears in the advertisement.

House in Siboney:
“This house, located in one of the best localities of the city, has 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. The property has a front garden, a 2-car garage, a living room with bar, a lounge/disco, two dining rooms, a kitchen, covered and uncovered terraces, a swimming pool, and much more. The total land area is 2492 sq. m. It is a spacious and well-furnished residence, ideal for those seeking comfort and luxury.” The price, as announced, is 6,000 USD per month.

Villa in Vedado:
“Near Almendares Bridge and Avenida 23, for US $1,000. The property has seven rooms, each with its own bathroom, a 20-square-meter pool suitable for children and adults, and a garage with a capacity of several cars.

Villa in Miramar “with high standard details”
“The property has 7 luxury rooms, 7 bathrooms, snack bar, terrace, a large impeccable pool and jacuzzi. The price per night must be agreed with the client. Ideal for those seeking exclusivity and comfort”


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  1. Not even remotely shocking, just the robolution operating as usual. The perps have zero shame, but they don’t have to–nobody has a problem with this except “those people,” and they just “want their stuff back.”

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