Despite rich natural resources, Cuba has to import nearly 100% of its food, dictatorship blames ‘lazy’ farmers

Cubans spend much of their day waiting in line for scraps of food

From our Bureau of Socialist Blame-Throwing with some assistance from our Bureau of Inevitable Results of Socialism

The island of Cuba has some of the most fertile soil on planet earth, and it has a favorable tropical climate conducive to year-long food production.

Aaaah, but that island is also under the iron grip of a communist/socialist totalitarian government that insists on controlling every aspect of food production.

Bingo! Disaster guaranteed! The island must now import almost all of its food, and it doesn’t have enough money with which to pay for it. So, as a result, there isn’t enough food available for Cubans.

Socialism in action means socialist inaction, which means disaster. Oh, but the oligarchs need not worry. They are never affected by their own dysfunctional rulership.

Loosely translated from World Nation News.

The National Assembly of People’s Power ended this weekend, during which the issue of the island’s hardship in terms of agricultural production was raised. The Cuban population complains about the high prices and lack of access to many basic products.

Low agricultural production occupied debates in Cuba’s parliament this week, at a time when the island is forced to import “practically 100%” of its food, according to the legislative body’s president.

On Tuesday, in a committee meeting, the Speaker of the Parliament, Esteban Lazo, claimed that a year after the sovereignty law was approved, “today practically one hundred percent of the baskets are being imported and not produced” in rural areas. is going”.

“We are tired of programs, studies, diagnostics. And where is the solution to the problem?” Lazo said. In 2019 alone, he said, more sugar, rice, corn and pork were produced than at present, among other products.

The Speaker of the Parliament said that “100% of the beans are being imported and the country does not have the money to buy from abroad”.

The First Deputy Minister, José Luis Tapia, recognized the reduction in production this Friday by presenting a report on the sector before the plenary session of the National Assembly, which will take place this week in the first period of the session ending on Saturday.

“The country imports maize, soybean, rice worth more than $1,500 million. We have to produce it indigenously,” he said.

Tapia also acknowledged shortages of fuel, fertilizers and herbicides, as well as labor shortages in the fields, among other problems, but blamed farm workers and municipal officials to a lesser extent.

He complained, “More than the content of the law, it is the lack of work to produce the food. Get to the concrete point: We do not have a productive culture in these times.”

“To grow food, you don’t need so much paper, you have to turn to the land!” They said.

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  1. No, the ruling class is never affected and it doesn’t give a shit how badly “the people” are screwed. But yes, the situation is a screaming scandal, just like the terrible state of the heath care system while the regime keeps exporting doctors. The usual suspects abroad, of course, remain resolutely willfully blind.

  2. Asombra, Cuba has to import nearly 100% of its food, the buildings are crumbling, and people are screaming to escape, because of the US embargo and those horrible hate-filled Miami Cubans who run US foreign policy on Cuba to the detriment of the US. If you don’t believe that just read the New York Times. Now stop being a chihuahua and stop yapping.

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