Cuba crime wave update: ‘Ninja’ highway robberies keep increasing, along with violent robberies and femicides

From our Bureau of Socialist Crime Control

As Cuba’s economy implodes and Russia prepares to recolonize the island, crime is running rampant.

The newest development are “ninja” robbers who prowl the highways and pounce on cargo-laden trucks, or even tourist buses and little old ladies.

“Feminicidios” continue to occur with shocking frequency. The latest woman to be murdered by her partner in Pinar del Rio brings the total number to 55 this year.

From Latest Breaking News

Cubans remain on high alert for a group of highway robbers known as “ninjas.” The presence of these criminals has become a growing concern among Cuban citizens, with reports of their activities increasing in recent weeks.

One Cuban individual took to the Facebook group BUSES & TRUCKS ACCIDENTS to share his encounter with the ninjas near a processing center. He witnessed them attempting to assault a truck carrying rice to a nearby warehouse. Expressing his frustration and concern, he stated, “Nobody can be trusted, because I see that they are expanding their circle of operations. Supposedly they had carried out a capture operation about two months ago. But I see that the evil is not eradicated.”

Other Cubans have also shared their experiences with these ninja robberies, describing them as almost normal occurrences in the area. Victims have had their belongings, such as briefcases, stolen from their vehicles. Attempts to board loaded trucks are also common, with criminals using the cover of the tarps and ropes to rob the drivers. Many residents are questioning the effectiveness of the police, as these incidents continue to happen without sufficient intervention.

One eyewitness shared a particularly alarming incident, stating, “Right there they stole a tarpaulin from a trucker I know. A trailer that seems to be the criminals’ shovel got stuck in front of him, and he had to stop. When the trailer started, the truck continued on its way and he did not realize that they had climbed up and brought the tarpaulin to him. Be careful, apparently there is a drag in the business.”

These highway robberies are not only restricted to one area but have also been reported in Vado del Yeso, where seven cars were robbed in just one hour. Despite the growing number of reports and complaints, there is a noticeable lack of police presence and intervention in the ongoing issue. Some Cubans are questioning the efficiency of the police force and expressing their disappointment with the lack of action taken.