Celia Cruz, the Queen of Salsa, honored in Little Havana

The Queen of Salsa, the symbol of a free Cuba, and the pride of the Cuban exile community, Celia Cruz, is being honored in an exhibit at the iconic Tower Theater in Miami’s Little Havana.

Via Miami’s CBS 4:

Celia Cruz will forever be known as the “Queen of Salsa.” The Cuban-born singer, who took her talents to stages around the world, while breaking barriers, is now being honored at the Tower Theater in Little Havana in an exhibit titled “Celia Cruz Forever.”   

Omer Pardillo was her manager and the executor of her estate.

“Celia, I always say, was a woman who was Black and poor. She came out of Cuba, a small island, and conquered the world just with her voice,” Pardillo said.

“Anywhere you saw Celia Cruz performing, you saw a free Cuba. Celia was Cuba outside of Cuba.”

And this exhibit reflects that, honoring the award-winning singer while bringing guests into her world.  Her colorful costumes, iconic wigs, awards and all sorts of memorabilia are on display.

Photographer Alexis Rodriguez took a famous picture on wall on the exhibit of Celia in 1993 at Miami’s Fairchild Tropical Gardens for a fashion magazine. His husband, stylist Tico Torres, found the dress.