Exile memory: Did your parents love that Eydie Gorme LP?

Edith Garmezano was born in New York on this day in 1928.  Her parents were Sephardi Jews and that’s why she spoke Spanish. She died in 2013 days before her 85th birthday.

In 1964, Eydie Gorme revived her career with Trio Los Panchos and an LP of Spanish songs. And this is where my parents and thousands of other Cuban parents come in! In those early days in the US, my parents found tropical relief in cold Wisconsin winters by listening to all of those Spanish ballads that Eydie Gorme recorded.

I can remember listening to her LP (that’s what we had before CD or MP3 files) over and over again. My mom really loved them. It was the romantic music that she and my dad dance to in Cuba.

Frankly, I learned to love it, too.

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