This is what tap water looks like in Santiago de Cuba

From our Bureau of Socialist Hydraulics and Public Hygiene

No surprise, really. Just another item to add to the infinite list of Castro, Inc.’s great accomplishments.

First meditation of the day: imagine having to drink this water or having to bathe in it.

Second meditation of the day: imagine what would happen to Castro, Inc.’s moribund apartheid tourism industry if all of its hotels and resorts had tap water as disgusting as this.

Lord have mercy.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The Internet user identified on social networks as Keisa Calderín denounced that the water that is reaching her district, in Santiago de Cuba, is in very bad condition.

In the images that were published by the Cuban through the Facebook group “30 Santiago de Cuba Buy, Sell Cuba”, you can see that the vital liquid is brown and cloudy, due to the lack of purification treatment.

In the comments on the publication, various Internet users assured that water that appears to be contaminated is arriving in different areas.

“Likewise and then come the diarrheal diseases and without medicines”, By God! They take it from you for a few days, they put it in when it comes out of its bowels and in those conditions and to top it all off they charge you as if it were on 24 hours a day and as if it were treated water, they are tremendously hard faces. Do not use those waters that seem to be what they want to end us all little by little and slowly”, commented the user Martha Velázquez Sánchez.

For his part, Dailin Laurencio Campillo Dailin recommended that no Cuban store or use that water, due to the cholera outbreak that was recently alerted by the authorities.

“By God, we are not animals, this is outrageous. When will this punishment end? We are human beings. Until when, by God? “said Laurencio Campillo.

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