Cuba’s ‘free’ healthcare: no thermometers or meds; filthy, hot-as-hell hospitals; too few doctors; fear of cholera and dengue, etc.

Lovely Cerro Pediatric Hospital in Havana: no thermometers or pediatricians

From our Bureau of Beloved Latrine American Medical Powerhouses with some assistance from our Bureau of Quotes From Nazi Propagandists Beloved by Socialists and Communists

Castro, Inc. loves to portray their dictatorship as the creator of a “medical powerhouse.” As the saying goes, the bigger the lie, the more credible it will seem.

None other than Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels came up with that formula. his exact words were: ” “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

So, let’s take a look at a single day’s medical news from Cuba: What do we find behind the Big Lie?

Hospitals without medicines. Hospitals without basic medical equipment. Hospitals without air-conditioning. Intense fear of cholera throughout the island. A severe dengue epidemic. And last, but not least, a pediatric hospital with only one pediatrician on duty and no thermometers whatsoever during the past two weeks.

Medical powerhouse, yes! Read about that pediatric hospital in Havana, courtesy of social media and Cubanos Por El Mundo:

A Cuban mother complained this Thursday that because her baby was presenting a fever, she went to Havana’s Cerro Pediatric Hospital, where there were not even thermometers to take the baby’s temperature.

The Internet user identified as Sheyla Escobar published the complaint through the Facebook group Cuban Mothers for a Better World, where several Cubans lamented the critical situation in which the health center known to the public as Las Católicas finds itself.

“Today I went to the Cerro Pediatric Hospital (Las Católicas) with my baby who had a fever and I go to the infirmary to look for a thermometer and they tell me that they have not had thermometers for about 15 days,” the publication reads.

In addition to the lack of medical equipment, the Cuban explained that on the shift she went to the pediatric institution, there was only one pediatrician attending all the children in the entire hospital.

“Now I wonder: how come a CHILDREN’S hospital doesn’t have a thermometer and only one pediatrician? I stayed cold. Nothing matters anymore, and we are making progress”, ends the publication.

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7 thoughts on “Cuba’s ‘free’ healthcare: no thermometers or meds; filthy, hot-as-hell hospitals; too few doctors; fear of cholera and dengue, etc.”

  1. No thermometers, only one pediatrician for an entire pediatric hospital, but PLENTY of doctors for export–as many as foreign countries want to rent. But this is not a screaming scandal or anything–Lord knows the usual suspects aren’t even remotely scandalized, though being willfully blind is VERY convenient.

    But to those with eyes to see, it couldn’t be any clearer that the regime couldn’t care less about “the people,” meaning ordinary Cubans. People care more about their pets–a lot more. Lord have mercy.

  2. One suspects that the ruling class gets a perverse pleasure out of being given a pass for practically anything, no matter how outrageous, as if nothing is beyond the pale. No wonder they’re incorrigible.

  3. Yes, I’m sure that the ruling class gets a perverse pleasure. It reminds me of Bill Cosby. Before he fell from grace, he was in litigation with a paparazzi [if I remember correctly] and the paparazzi who was accusing Bill Cosby of something lost the case. This was during Cosby’s Cliff Huxtable “American’s Dad” period when he was literally made of Teflon. I remember Cosby’s smug face when he won the case. It was sickening. After that I never liked him. In hindsight, considering everything that has come up on Cosby, the paparazzi was probably right. But I digress, that smug look on Cosby’s face is no doubt how the castro mafia feels.

  4. By the way, that hospital is a beautiful colonial looking building. I’m surprised that the regime hasn’t turned it into yet another hotel. That’s all they ever do, repurpose mansions, theaters, custom houses, shopping malls, etc… into hotels.

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