Castro dictatorship tells Cubans that using cash ‘destroys the environment’

In its desperate quest to digitize the economy and take complete control over all transactions in Cuba, the communist Castro dictatorship is employing a leftist propaganda line, telling Cubans that cash “destroys the environment.”

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

‘If you use cash, you’re destroying the environment,” Havana’s electric utility company tells customers

The Electric Company of Havana linked cash payment of bills to alleged environmental damage. To encourage the use of digital payment methods, the state entity referred to the tree felling that would be involved in manufacturing the paper used for printing physical money.

“If you use cash to pay your electricity bill, you destroy the environment. Let’s not sacrifice more trees to produce paper,” the company posted on its Facebook profile last Friday. The post was accompanied by hashtags “#WhyWaitInLine?”, “#ZeroCash,” and “#WeMakeItEasyForYou.”

This message from the Electric Company is a response to one of the initial measures taken by the regime as part of its bank digitization policy: digitally invoicing electric bills in the Havana municipalities of Playa and Plaza de la Revolución. This was announced as an experiment that could be expanded to other parts of the island.

The paradox of this regime-endorsed propaganda is that in Cuba, banknotes are neither printed nor are trees cut down to make paper money, and worse yet, cash is severely scarce. In other words, if people don’t use the new payment channels as the government expects, the environment wouldn’t suffer any consequences.

DIARIO DE CUBA reported how a few days ago, Joaquín Alonso, the president of the Central Bank of Cuba, inadvertently revealed the real reason behind the supposed bank digitization when he said on Cuban television, “The currency used for manufacturing physical currency can be allocated to other priorities of the country.”

In summary, the regime can’t even afford to print money (since this process isn’t done on the island) due to the financial implications. Therefore, there’s no way the environment would be affected by using cash in the country.

Several users questioned the Electric Company of Havana’s post. Mariana Camejo said ironically, “Finally, the UNE (National Electric Union, to which the Havana-based company is subordinated) is concerned about the environment. I have a better idea: let’s stop producing electricity (which is generated from fossil fuels) to truly care for the environment. Besides, we wouldn’t have to spend money on electricity bills. It’s a win-win, don’t you think? We have to admit, these issues didn’t exist in the primitive community.”

José Antonio González commented, “You yourselves destroy trees when you prune.” In response to the Electric Company’s mention of the need for pruning, other users mentioned the damage this process causes to plants.

An internet user identified as “Fuerte Antelo Imposible” said, “And as a company, you harm the people with inefficiencies and unnecessary power outages for the population.”

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