WTF? Cuban tourists spent over $17 million in past year on vacations, shopping sprees in Venezuelan island resort

Duty-free shopping mall in Isla de Margarita, Venezuela

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice and Equity with some assistance from our Bureau of Anomalous Varieties of Parasitism and Vampirism

What the foooooook? Okay, this needs some splainin, as Desi Arnaz might have said to his wife Lucy. Please splain to me how Cubans can get their hands on 17 million dollars to spend abroad. These big spenders cannot be ordinary Cubans. No way. The vast majority of Cubans simply don’t have this kind of disposable income. So, then, who are they?

Two possibilities immediately come to mind: 1. These are Cuban oligarchs; 2. These are Cubans with very generous relatives in the “diaspora.” The only other possibility is that some of these Cubans are Yo-Yos living in the “diaspora” who travel with Cuban passports. I can think of no other options. Any way you look at it, this is a market created by parasitism or vampirism of one sort or another.

The oligarchs obtain their wealth by sucking the blood out of 99 percent of the Cuban population. The others fund their vacation and shopping spree by sucking the blood out of their relatives abroad., or, if they are YoYos, by using their Cuban citizenship to evade taxes in their chosen place of exile.

And this is all made possible for these lucky few by the corrupt oligarchs who run Castrogonia and Venenozuela. And, here’s another surprise: Isla de Margarita portrays itself as a great opportunity for profitable real estate investments.

From Nation World News

Last year, Cuban citizens paid out a total of more than $17 million on Isla de Margarita.

This place belongs to the state of Nueva Esparta in Venezuela and Cubans travel there to buy duty-free products.

This alternative represents a good opportunity for the Cuban people to meet their needs at a time of deficits in the overall economy.

The Venezuelan State Chamber of Commerce released statistics on the migration of people from Cuba to Nueva Esparta.

More than 5,000 tourists from the largest of the Antilles have arrived on the Venezuelan island in the past 12 months. The president of the state facility, José Gregorio Rodríguez, announced that on August 25 another stage of this commercial tourism would begin.

The new proposal is to use larger aircraft capable of loading 20 tons of goods between Porlamar and Havana airports. The aim of this initiative is to allow Cubans to invest more money while guaranteeing agile business operations.

In this way, Cuban purchases would not be limited by aircraft space and would increase Venezuelan profits. The commercial director of the travel agency GTN, Yulier Ávila, assured that the intention is to encourage more visits by Cubans to Isla de Margarita. Mr Ávila noted that future transfers could carry items of different sizes, such as equipment and electric motorcycles.

The travel agency Cubatur is responsible for participation in these offers. The lowest rate is a 3 night reservation valued at $775.00.

3 thoughts on “WTF? Cuban tourists spent over $17 million in past year on vacations, shopping sprees in Venezuelan island resort”

  1. There’s obviously something very, uh, out of joint going on here, but both Castro, Inc. and the chavista regime are happy with it, meaning they’re both making good money off it. If the Cubans involved are regular people from the island, they are obviously spending “diaspora” money, which would not be surprising.

  2. Regardless of what exactly is going on here, $17M is nothing next to the billion$ pumped into Cuba every year by the “diaspora,” which is a major source of revenue for Castro, Inc. and which will only increase as more and more Cubans leave the island and join the “diaspora.” It’s a perfect racket, or close enough.

  3. Three theories.

    I have two cousins who lives in Havana (one from my father’s side and the other from my mother’s side) that have Spanish passports and frequently travel aboard to many nations. They purchase items needed in Cuba. They then resell the merchandise in Cuba. Often they are given special orders to fill. It is unofficially tolerated by the government for certain individuals, i.e. SOB communists. It is the communist form of Amazon with the corresponding communist sales volumes, Amazon sales of 470 billion per year to Cuban mules sales of 40 million.

    The second theory is that Cubans travel aboard to connect with their spy operatives overseas to exchange information, pick up payments to the Cuban government or pick up dirty money.

    The last theory is as you say, communist oligarchs or those supported by the diaspora that would much prefer to vacation aboard just to get away from all the filth and misery in Cuba. Of course it could be a combination of all three. Cubans might be liars and immoral but they are not stupid.

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