Cuban government store distributing worm-infested rotten ham

This ham being sold in a government store in communist Cuba is the perfect metaphor for socialism: You are promised a feast, but all they deliver is rotten food infested with worms.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Worms found in ham sold in a Cuban store

Cubans are reporting the sale of ham with worms at a store in Guantanamo, as part of the basic food distribution, as it emerged on social media.

According to a complaint sent to independent journalist Alberto Arego, the ham being distributed to the population in the stores of Baracoa in the Guantanamo province, is in very poor condition and infested with worms.

The message sent to Arego by the Cuban individual included three photos as evidence, showing small worms on the surface of the processed meat.

“It’s not easy, considering the extent of hunger, and then this happens. I believe that for it to be in this state, it must have been in exposed for several days, and now they’re distributing it to the population,” said the woman.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time something like this has occurred. A few years ago, a resident of Matanzas brought to light a case in which his neighbor was sold mortadella with worms at a store.

The establishment that sold the mortadella, as part of the December basic food distribution, was located on 153rd Street, between 184th and 186th Streets, in the area known as Combinado Vista Alegre, Reparto Iglesias.

The sale of food products in poor condition is a frequent occurrence in Cuba. A Cuban woman bought spoiled pork during a food sale in Cuba and lost her money without anyone to complain to.

The woman confronted the butcher, and he responded that he sold the frozen meat exactly as he received it.

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