Revolutionary Marxist Students organization arrives at Florida International University

It’s disgusting to see ignorant “Marxist revolutionaries” running around spreading hate in a community filled with victims of communism, but that is unfortunately the case at FIU. Then again, if these revolutionaries actually lived in a Marxist state, they wouldn’t have the freedom to spout their odium.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Revolutionary Marxist Students: FIU’s young communists

Communism is making its presence felt at Florida International University (FIU). This was affirmed to Diario las Américas (DLA) by a young Cuban, Lexter Savio Rodríguez, a doctoral student in Physics at the prestigious institution.

According to Savio’s account, there is a movement named Revolutionary Marxist Students, whose presence is evident through posters circulating around the university. They operate independently of the institution and, “when the semester begins in the last week of August, they will have their first meeting.”

“This poster I found is promoting a group of students who call themselves revolutionary Marxists, and what caught my eye is that they use symbols like the hammer and sickle, use words like ‘it’s time to call for revolution,’ because politicians won’t solve societal problems, and in their propaganda you see words that show a certain kind of radicalization,” Savio told DLA.

The website of Revolutionary Marxist Students presents them as a revolutionary organization of Marxist students based in the United States, with groups on campuses across the country.

They also have a periodical publication: the Red Horizon magazine. This “covers a variety of topics from a Marxist perspective in an attempt to provide theoretical clarity for student politics and counter the current quagmire of liberalism.”

Lexter Savio told DLA that he has had contact with some of the young people from the movement and that they include Che Guevara in their ideology. He also characterized them as “a group that, when you debate with them, they neither accept nor consider any other viewpoint.”

“They are not willing to listen to your personal experiences. If you show them pictures of political prisoners, they say that political prisoners in Cuba are criminals because they think the exiles in Miami were slave owners in Cuba. It’s a quite indoctrinated, ignorant group that really doesn’t understand the harm the application of these promoted ideas can cause,” Savio pointed out.

When asked about the situation, Florida International University stated they were not aware of the Revolutionary Marxist Students movement. However, the institution made it clear that “the Constitution of the United States and Florida law allow anyone to gather in public places, including on public university campuses, without prior permission.”

“A flyer has appeared at FIU about a meeting of Revolutionary Marxist Students. This is not a registered student group at FIU, and it is unknown who created the flyer or if any students will attend such a meeting. The Constitution of the United States and Florida law allow anyone to gather in public places, including on public university campuses, without prior permission. FIU’s policy has guidelines for outdoor activities and will ensure that those guidelines are followed. FIU’s administration fully understands the sensitivity of this issue and is monitoring the situation while protecting the constitutional right to freedom of expression, a cornerstone of American democracy,” FIU commented to Diario las Américas.

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