Surprise! Cuban colony of Nicaragua bans Jesuit order, confiscates all of their property

Pssst, querida: . . . Hey, look at this nice property we just acquired . . .

From our Bureau of Ironic Twists in Church-State Relations with some assistance from our Bureau of Extreme Déjà Vu and our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice

This piece of news is so huge and significant that it took three of our bureaus to cover it properly.

In a stunningly ironic twist, Nicaraguan sub-dictator Daniel Ortega has cancelled the religious order to which Papa Che belongs and stolen all of its assets, including an entire university. (see above).

This move by Cuban-controlled Ortega is doubly astounding: Not only is this a rebuke of Papa Che, but of the Liberation-Theology-loving Jesuits. This order — which was deeply committed to scholarship and education for over four centuries — has been steadily abandoning its commitment to scholarship and teaching in favor of leftist “social justice” activism.  

Whether they know it or not, or acknowledge it or not, this attack on the Jesuits by the Marxist Sandinistas is fitting. This is the thanks that they and Papa Che get for upholding stealth Marxism and  leftist Latrine dictatorships.

This latest attack on the Jesuit order follows a previously established pattern. In the 18th century, Jesuits were considered so troublesome by Church and state authorities that they were suppressed throughout Western Europe and its colonies, including Cuba. This suppression lasted until 1814, when Pope Pius VII restored the order.

As in all other Spanish colonies, the Jesuits were expelled from Cuba in 1767 and didn’t return until 1853. Their influence as educators became immense in 19th and 20th century Cuba. Belén their school in Havana, and Dolores, their school in Santiago, trained many of Cuba’s leading elites, including Fidel and Raul Castro. But in 1961, these two illustrious alumni expelled the Jesuits from Cuba and stole all of their assets.

Jesuits have trickled back into Cuba since then, but Castro, Inc. has never returned their stolen properties. Last year, the dictatorship expelled the order’s superior, Father David Pantaleón –a native of the Dominican Republic — for publicly supporting Cuban dissidents.

No word yet from Papa Che about what has just befallen his order in Nicaragua.

From Catholic News Agency

The government of President Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua on Wednesday revoked the legal personhood of the Society of Jesus and ordered the transfer of all its assets to the state. 

The move by the dictatorship takes place amid a growing wave of harassment against the religious order.

According to ministerial agreement 105-2023-OSFL, published Aug. 23 in La Gaceta, the regime’s official newspaper, Minister of the Interior María Amelia Coronel Kinloch approved “the cancellation of the legal personhood of the Nicaraguan Company of Jesus Association, for breaches of the law.”

Regarding “the destination of assets and real estate,” the document states that the attorney general’s office will carry out the “transfer of these to the name of the State of Nicaragua.”

The dictatorship charged that the Society of Jesus, registered in the public records since July 1995, allegedly had not reported “its financial statements [for the] fiscal periods 2020, 2021, and 2022.”

In a statement, the Nicaraguan University Alliance (AUN) “roundly” condemned the confiscation by “the Sandinista dictatorship of Daniel Ortega.” 

“This action is just another chapter in the Sandinistas’ relentless persecution of the Catholic Church and the faith that nurtures our nation,” the statement said.

Despite the official confirmation in La Gaceta on Wednesday, the government had already begun to confiscate the property of the religious order days before.

On Aug. 15 it expropriated the Central American University (UCA) and its assets and on Aug. 19, the dictatorship seized without justification the residence of the Jesuits in Villa Carmen, which is located next to the UCA but is owned by the order, not the university.

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  1. Nicaragua is a classic example of Latrine dysfunction, but Nicaragua has a far better excuse than Cuba: it has never known anything but Latrine dysfunction. Of course, that Cuba even has an excuse is debatable.

    Bergoglio will try “dialogue,” but he’s dealing with seriously crude and totally degenerate despots, meaning there’s precious little to work with. As for the Jesuits, they give me the creeps, same as “His Holiness.”

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