Old Latrine camajanes alert: The Red Brothers on a mission (but not from God)

Perhaps genuinely worried that Cuba’s reactionary “revolution” may be digging its own grave, Brazil’s president Lula plans to visit the island this year to talk Castro, Inc. into opening up Cuba’s economy and foreign relations (whatever that means) and to offer “brotherly” support. He has recruited a fellow leftist, former Uruguayan president José Mujica (a Fidel Castro admirer who backed the shady Lula’s re-election), to accompany him on this apparent rescue mission.

Lula, who couldn’t look more corrupt, with a painfully geriatric sidekick, presumably intends to talk some sense into La Cosa Castro–as if Brazil weren’t enough to occupy him. He was a Castro protégé, like Mexico’s AMLO, but apart from a personal element there’s the Latrine fixation on its fetish, the Cuban system, totalitarian tyranny though it is. One can easily see how its implosion could seem inconceivably dire to the Latrine left, hence this “intervention.”

There’s a certain comic element here, sort of like meddler Jimmy Carter going at it (again), but that quickly gives way to both disgust and anger. Despite claiming concern for the Cuban people (not “those people,” of course), this has nothing to do with extirpating the Castro cancer but rather helping it stay in power—i.e., perpetuating it. Tellingly, Lula has already restarted Brazil’s rent-a-doc business (aka chanchullo) with Cuba, previously halted by Bolsonaro.

This is just same-old, same-old, and the Castronoids will ignore all advice that doesn’t suit them, even if it comes from their side. Still, one cannot help being repulsed, for the zillionth time, by such Latrine “solidarity” (not that our “mother” is any better). I reiterate my rejection of the “Latin” label as a matter of dignity and urge all self-respecting Cubans to do the same.. Latrines should be seen and treated as what they have long proven to be–alien beings noxious to Cuba.

3 thoughts on “Old Latrine camajanes alert: The Red Brothers on a mission (but not from God)”

  1. Well, at least we know very clearly who our friends are NOT. Unfortunately, that includes an awful lot of people. I can accept indifference from strangers, but not active complicity with the Castro evil. Again, there’s only so much we can do, but we can at least respect ourselves and act with dignity.

  2. Sometimes, when faced with the endless parade of miserable SOBs like Lula, AMLO and the rest of the enablers of Cuba’s dystopian hell, I ask myself, is this what we deserve? Alas, I’m afraid the answer is yes, because we did this to ourselves, we fucked ourselves over, we killed the goose that laid the golden eggs. At best, Cubans were infantile idiots, but it was worse than idiocy. We should be eternally ashamed.

  3. Good article. It reminds me of how China describes their system. They call it communism with Chinese characteristics. The thing about communism is that it does not work. Thus left leaning leaders in Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, etc are forced to make it into a modified version. Cubans in their zeal and ambition go all the way. Full on communism because Cubans never do anything halfway. This makes them the hero within the community of communist nations. It also makes them totally miserable but they lie and say that Cuba is great. It is a paradise highly desired by all tourist from all around the world. The problem with lies is that eventually they are seen as such.

    Farm life can teach you about communism. Communism is like manure. Chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, and cows all produce manure but not all manures are equal. Each manure has its own characteristics resulting in different benefits and uses, But the one thing they all have in common is that they are all smelly and disgusting until you bury it or wash it into the dirt.

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