Biden, it’s you

Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams are covering that old song called “Baby It’s You.”  Their cover version is “Biden It’s You,” or sort of their way of blaming the Biden administration for the sanctuary state mess that they created.

This is the story:

That was one small step for Kathy Hochul — one big mistake for New York. 

The governor, up to her eyeballs in migrants, this week pointed the bony finger of blame at Biden administration border policies — and this was a very hopeful sign.  

Could she be coming out of her coma? 

Probably not. 

For the governor then effectively endorsed the root cause of New York’s border-crosser crisis — Gotham’s completely insane, prohibitively expensive and totally unsustainable “right-to-shelter” policy. 

My guess is that Governor Hochul is in a no-win situation.  She knows that the problem lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, who opened the border.  At the same time, she has to keep the liberal wing of the party happy, or the same people who support this insane policy.

Mayor Adams is in the middle of this mess.  His hands are tied, and the Abbott Bus Lines keep dropping off passengers.

The key word in the article is “totally unsustainable,” or the reality that a state losing taxpayers can’t afford to spend more money.  In other words, every dollar that goes to migrants comes from another state or city program.

The other reality is that there is no money coming from Washington.  The House won’t pass such an expenditure, and there are not 60 votes in the U.S. Senate.

So Hochul-Adams can sing “Biden It’s You” ’til the wee hours of the morning.  They’d be better off, and so would the citizens they represent, if they would call on the migrants to stay in Mexico rather than New York.

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