The Cuba foreign tourists don’t see

When foreign tourist arrive in Havana, they’re only shown what the communist Castro dictatorship wants them to see. It’s nearly impossible to see the filth and misery of the real Cuba from state-run apartheid tours.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Trash on the streets: The Havana tourists should see

A young Cuban displayed the garbage accumulation on a street in Havana and wondered if there’s anything that works well in the country.

Edel Carrero, an actor who was fired from his job for participating in the July 11th protests, recorded a video on Tuesday, August 15th at the intersection of Ánimas and Industria streets, in the Centro Habana municipality.

“Look at the amount of trash on the street. I truly don’t understand, I don’t comprehend, what the hell is actually functioning in this country,” he questioned on his TikTok account.

The video shows the street corner, where about a half dozen plastic containers, all completely overflowing and surrounded by debris that spills over and occupies part of the road.

“The Cuba that needs to be shown to foreigners, because this is the Cuba for the people,” Carrero stated in the post.

See the video HERE.

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  1. The regime will only accept what will keep it in power, and as long as it has power it will do evil. Thus, any deal made with it amounts to promoting evil. The matter could not be any clearer.

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