Power outages and collapsing buildings: Hurricane Idalia leaves behind destruction in Cuba

A hurricane can wreak havoc anywhere, but when you combine a tropical storm with the failings of socialism, the results are utter destruction. That is exactly what happened in Cuba when then Tropical Storm Idalia (now Hurricane Idalia) passed over the western part of Cuba on Monday.

The destruction was most felt in the westernmost province of Pinar del Rio. Still reeling from the destruction of Hurricane Ian last year, where the communist Castro dictatorship has done little to nothing to repair the extensive damage, Pinar del Rio received another hit this week.

According to state-run news media, more than 70% of the people in this province are without electricity (via CubaNet — my translation):

After the passage of Hurricane Idalia this Monday near Cabo de San Antonio, Pinar del Rio, more than 70% of the population in that province is without electricity.

“Out of the 235,000 customers in Pinar del Río, only 28% currently have electric service,” as stated by the local state-run media outlet Tele Pinar.”

The capital of Havana, located approximately 100 miles to the east of Pinar del Rio was not spared. Torrential rains from Idalia. Power outages were also seen there, along with flooding and so far, 14 partial building collapses (via CubaNet — my translation):

The passage of Idalia over the northwest part of Cuba caused significant damage in the western part of the island, specifically in Havana, where 14 partial building collapses were recorded due to the rains.

The news came out during Wednesday’s session of the Municipal Defense Council of that territory, chaired by communist party official Mai-Lin Alberty Arrozarena.

The collapses occurred in buildings that had accumulated deterioration. The recorded damages were detachments in eaves, facades, and roofs.

There is no doubt the damage created by Idalia was magnified due to the deteriorated state of infrastructure and buildings in Cuba, which have been criminally neglected for 64 years under socialism.

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  1. Makes no difference what collapses in Cuba, as long as it’s not the dictatorship, I mean the “revolution.”

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