Protest erupts outside bank in Cuba among workers unable to cash their paychecks

The frustration and misery of Cubans suffering under communism came to a head on Wednesday when dozens of workers started a protest outside a state-owned bank unable to cash their paychecks.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Dozens of Cubans protested this Wednesday in front of a state-owned bank due to the impossibility of withdrawing their salaries following the announced process of bank digitization imposed by the regime.

“Hey, we need the money, we’re hungry, we’re hungry for everything,” one of the Cubans confronting a bank official due to the lack of cash can be heard saying in a video posted in the San Nicolás de Bari “No More Communism” Facebook group.

“People are trying to withdraw money and we’re getting nothing, without money, with hunger and misery,” another person said.

Cubans are not only suffering through shortages of food and medicine, but shortages of cash as well. Instead of addressing the issue and eliminating the failed socialist policies that led to it, the Castro regime is instead desperately trying to transition the failed Cuban economy to a cashless society.

This is socialism in action.

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  1. If the people have no cash, food or whatever, let them dwell on the (theoretical) wonders of the “revolution.”

    But yes, this is what a failed state looks like.

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