Cuban granted asylum, returns to Cuba, now pleads for re-entry to US claiming temporary insanity

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Ay! This is one of the most pathetic migration stories to come out of Cuba in a long time.

A guy struggles mightily to flee Cuba via Nicaragua, then is granted asylum by the US, but when he falls ill with herpes in Texas, returns to Cuba for “better” medical care than he was receiving in Houston. He recovers and decides he wants to return to the US, claiming that the herpes affected his brain so much that he lost the ability to think clearly.

One must admit, he’s come up with a potentially winning argument. Who in their right mind would go back to Cuba seeking superior medical care?

Add a new story to the history of Cuban Yo-Yos, place it in the chapter on YoYo chutzpah (desvergüenza).

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

A young Cuban, who arrived in the United States in August 2022 and returned to Cuba due to medical complications, wants to re-enter US territories, as revealed in a conversation with journalist Mario J. Pentón, who protected his identity at the request of the interviewee. .

The migrant who made the entire journey through Nicaragua, like hundreds of thousands of Cubans, managed to enter the US when border agents gave him an I220-A (Order for parole). However, after beginning to feel the first symptoms of the human herpes virus type C which included fever, vomiting and loss of strength, he went “crazy” and his first reaction was to return to Cuba for medical treatment.

“The only thing they gave me in the state of Texas, where I lived, were food stamps, only. I had separated from my partner, I went to live with some friends and my friends couldn’t stop working to take care of me. I was alone, in a house, dying, very badly. I was practically unaware of myself, nor did I know what I was doing or saying why the virus had attacked my brain. In a certain way I can say that I went crazy”, confessed the migrant who was on the verge of death.

According to his testimony, when he went to the doctor, bills for health expenses began to arrive and together with his friends they decided that the best thing to save his life was to return to Cuba to receive attention and the care of his relatives on the Island.

Once on the island, the young man recovered from his illness and now seeks to return to the US by applying to an asylum for which he has his entire medical history as evidence. In his own words, “I did not return of my own free will” to Cuba, they were matters of force majeure and in a certain way he was not aware of what he was doing given the effect that the virus had on his brain.

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  1. A good example of how propaganda eventually gets into your brain. You repeat obvious lies long enough, people believe them. This young fellow most likely never had the need for health care services. When he did need them, he automatically thought about getting care in the “world class Cuban system”.

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