Happy #66 Gloria Estefan

We say happy birthday to Gloria María Milagrosa Fajardo García who was born in Cuba in 1957.   We know her as Gloria Estefan.    She and her husband Emilio founded The Miami Sound Machine and the rest is music history.

8 thoughts on “Happy #66 Gloria Estefan”

  1. I don’t particularly like Gloria Estefan. She has an enormous platform. She could have used that platform to help her community. Instead, she allowed herself to be labeled a “moderate” [palabrita inventada por el Miami Herald] and attacked her own community. She, also, infamously held a $30,000 per head fundraiser at her mansion to reelect Obama. And let’s not forget hiring Che-loving Santana to perform on her CD. Good thing is she sounds like a frog [horrible voice] and the CD didn’t sell.

  2. As a pop singer, which is the only way I care to discuss her, I found her OK, middle-of-the-road, reasonably personable in terms of her public persona and well packaged/marketed, but never truly special or extraordinary (which, to be fair, most pop stars are not). I always thought too much fuss was made over her, which I could sort of understand but still found faintly embarrassing. Anyway, to each his own.

  3. To all my compatriots, let he who has no sin cast the first stone. Betrayed I felt, but remember it’s about Cuba’s freedom not a political party.
    Who are we kidding? We (USA) have allowed the dictatorship to exist since day one. Her grandmother I learned was the lady that sold the good food across the street from Curtiss Park. La Academia de Baseball Cubana. Felicidades Gloria!

  4. One Obama ass-licker passes away — Jimmy Buffet — and another celebrates a birthday. Life goes on.

  5. Whenever any Cuban-American gains success and fame, it is s slap in the face to communist Cuba. It is a political victory for the Miami community and a display to the whole world of the pathetic nature of Castro’s Cuba.

    The subliminal message is why is this Cuban living in Miami? Are there many others like her currently in Cuba? Why have we not seen other great artists out of Cuba?

    Then we have the opportunity to say she left Cuba for freedom. We have the opportunity to tell the world that there are most likely other very talented musicians in Cuba but they are in jail being tortured. If not in jail they have not been given the opportunities to develop their talents because those resources are simple not available.

  6. Too much was made of her, which is a kind of provincialism, but that’s not her fault. Of course, WAY too much has been made of all sorts of celebrities I wouldn’t spend a penny on, so there is that.

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