Surprise! Low ticket sales cause Iberojet and Iberia airlines to reduce the number of flights to Cuba

This is what most flights to Cuba look like nowadays

From our Bureau of Serious Threats to Apartheid Tourism in Latrine American Totalitarian Hellholes

Earlier this week, Jet Blue pulled out of Castro, Inc.’s apartheid tourist racket by closing down all of their Cuban routes. The airline blamed low ticket sales for their decision.

Today two Spanish airlines cited the same issue as the reason for a severe cutback in their Cuba flights. Iberojet announced that they will no longer fly to Santiago de Cuba. Iberia announced that it will be cutting down on the number of flights to various Cuban locations.

Ha! Can you hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth at Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Apartheid Tourism?

From The Cleveland American

Some airlines in Spain have announced that they are reducing flights to Cuba due to low ticket sales. Among these airlines is Iberojet, which will cease operations between the Spanish capital and Santiago in eastern Cuba.

The company opened its largest office in the Antilles in 2021. The first passage to the second most important Cuban province occurred in November of the previous year.

Iberojet’s final maneuver to Santiago will take place on September 29, according to Yosvani Guevara, official of the Spanish agency Cuba Du Like. Iberojet officials justified the cancellation decision for “operational reasons”. Guevara said.

Business experts explained that there are reasons for the decrease in demands in the conditions of the city of Santiago to receive foreigners.

These analysts believe that Santiago does not have enough quality hotels or a comprehensive program of entertainment for tourists.

One of the places to benefit from Iberia’s increased operations is the Dominican Republic. The Caribbean nation will offer 9 sailings per week in January and 10 sailings in February next year.

In June it was learned that Iberia, World2Fly, Iberojet and Air Europa were having problems selling 50% of their capacity to Cuba.

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