Two Cubans tricked into fighting for Russia in Ukraine report being tortured

Andorf Velázquez García and Alex Vegas Díaz,

From our new Cubans in Ukraine Bureau

If these two young Cubans are telling the truth, Russia is conscripting Cubans to fight in Ukraine under false pretenses. And it seems that some officers in the Russian military are not only clueless about this scam –since these two Cubans claim that they have been mistaken for Americans — but are also torturing anyone they suspect of not being on their side.

Get ready for even more horrific stories from the Russia / Ukraine war. These two youngsters are only the frost on the tip of a huge iceberg, so to speak. Ukraine is the new Angola, a war front in which Cubans pay the tribute exacted by their colonial masters.

The only difference in this case is that the colonial masters are not pretending to be on a humanitarian campaign to spread the gospel of communism.

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The young Cubans Andorf Velázquez García and Alex Vegas Díaz, who denounced having been deceived and sent to Russia as recruits to participate in the invasion of Ukraine, warned that they were taken by force from the hospital where they were and taken to a military unit after being tortured.

“That they try to get us out of here as quickly as possible, because we are afraid,” they said in a video call published by the American media América Tevé on Friday, which indicated that this communication took place from the bus in which they were taken along with Russian soldiers to the city of Ryazan.

“We don’t sleep, we can’t sleep, because we don’t know if they can come and do something to us while we sleep,” said one of the young people in the video.

Both claimed to have been beaten by at least three Russian soldiers, who are holding them, for the simple fact of trying to communicate in English.

“They took all our clothes off and beat us. Since we don’t understand each other, we speak to them in English and that’s why they told us that the Americans sent us, that we should confess,” they said.

In statements made public this week, Vegas Díaz and Velázquez García denounced that they were victims of a “scam” and were hospitalized in a Russian city, stripped of their documentation and prevented from returning to the Island.. . .

. . . . The mother of one of the young people denounced that in Cuba “phones of a certain Elena and a certain Dayana came out on Facebook, I think one is Cuban and the other is Russian. The boy communicated with them. They read him the document where It said all the benefits they were going to have. I also read the document. It was for that, to work, at no time in Ukraine. They just asked the boy if he had a passport. Two days later they called him to travel through the airport of Varadero,” he said.

The two young Cubans held in the Russian hospital assured that they signed a contract, supposedly to carry out construction work.

“They told us that (we were going) for construction, to fix the houses devastated by the war, trenches, rubble. Everything has been a scam. They have not paid us, we do not have passports, we do not have documents. They kept everything, nothing more we got here,” both denounced the youtuber Alain Papparazi Cubano.

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